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Friday, May 11, 2007

Sentot getting hitched!!!

Okay, this is an entry I should've written days ago but somehow I couldn't get around resizing the photos.. thus, the reason for this late entry..

Opppsss, however, though the title is about Sentot a.k.a Baizurah getting married, the picture below is NOT her and her betrothed. This picture shows one of the BESTEST persons in my life, Amilia.. note to Ami: Bukan tadek entry untuk awak! Ade², in fact a bit long one tapi lum abis lagi compose. Dulu dah penah wat for Baizurah tapi tak penah buat untuk awak, sbb tu lame skit, byk bende nak citer (suspen² hehe..). Nanti la yek, Ami. Tapi saya letak gambo awak ngan Kimin jap dulu.. nak tunjuk kat my friends sape kawan baik saya :)

Anyway, back to Baizurah, whom is also one of the most important people in my life during the school years. We go waaaaaaaaaaay back, and when I say 'way back', I mean 'way back'. She's one of those people who just loves to make everyone around them (depends on whom maybe) laugh and believe me, I mean it when I say laugh! I really laugh a lot around her and Ami, and I'm truly blessed with having them in my life.

If any of you have been reading my blog, you'd notice an entry I wrote on her (you can also click here to read it). I still laugh when I remember all those good old times :) :) :)

Anyway, Baizurah a.k.a Sentot a.k.a Rabbit (Bart would scold me if she knew I still call Baizurah, Sentot!!) got married last week. Had the reception on her side on Saturday and on Amin's side on Sunday. Naturally, I went to both receptions :) Not only because she's one of my bestest friends in this world, but also because I was sorta forced (hahah..) to become the 'maid of honour' when it came to Amin's side.

I didn't actually wanna be one, I mean, I dunno why but then Baizurah 'majuk' with me.. which actually made me remember this trick during school when either me or her would merajuk first then the other one would also merajuk just because the other one merajuk.. which in the end just made us HAVE to talk hahah.. just like one merajuk neutralizes the other merajuk! Don't understand? Well, I guess not many people could anyway :p~

So on Saturday, I cancelled my first class (2.45 to 4.15pm) so I could attend Bai's (I NEVER call her Bai.. always the full Baizuraaaaaaaaaaaaahh--with the aaaahhh elongated!!) reception. I DO have pictures but I'm not putting them here (btw, to Ami: Sowi, mase kenduri awak, takde camera lagi laaaa :( Thats why tadek gambo sgt.. sgt rugi!!!). However, below here is the door gift all guests got and believe it or not, Baizurah decorated those glasses herself.. creative or what, huh? Very sweet, kan :)

The next day, I went to Penang for my 'job of the day'. Went to USM 1st to watch a game then as promised, I went to Romantis Studio at 12.30pm to check on the bride. This is the final 'product' of the wedding studio (pic below)..

I gotto say this, though I KNOW I'm gonna regret it: She's the CUTEST bride I've ever seen! (There, dah kate dah.. and Baizurah, awak JANGAN ungkit pasal saya cakap ni. This is a once in a lifetime occurance when I'm gonna admit you ARE cute. Lepas ni, jangan harap nak dengar saya ngaku camni lagi :p)

Hehe.. anyway, we arrived at the reception around 2 something, I guess. Then had some pictures taken and all that. And yes Baizurah, I agree with Soraya, this is the only time you can mengade² manje with us :p But really, you glowed. Never stopped smiling which was good for the cameras. If it was me, I might've cramped my mouth by then.. but I guess you are really happy, and I'm glad for you.

I went to eat with Ami and Kimin (who had come after watching Spiderman) while the bride and bridesgroom ate with their family and after that, once again resumed my role as the bridesmaid. However, as the pictures took quite a long time (dekat kul 5 ek abis, Baizurah?), there came a time where I just gave Baizurah the tissue to wipe her own face (hahah, teruk punye pengapit!!) as they were constantly taking picture and we couldn't get near them..

It was nearly 5 when the photographers decided to wrap it up and call it a day. And to tell you the truth, I thought it would be over the latest at 4pm haha.. I was a bit tired, but imagine how the bride was feeling. Still, look at her happy face here though she was already exhausted by now (So Soraya, this was how you must be feeling eh on your wedding, penat but very happy..)

Around 5, we decided to go home and I left Baizurah to the mercy of Amin's family heheh.. However, before leaving, I jokingly told Baizurah to throw her bouquet as custom to western weddings and let anyone catch it, but to my amusement, she just gave it to me 'just to make sure I was next'. Hahah, ampeh awak Baizurah! But I'm keeping this RM100 bouquet (Baizurah said: Mahal gila! Saya tak puas hati betul!!! <--tp cantik for you, Baizurah!)

Anyway, I just wish her all the best in her married life! Aiii, dah kawen dah sorang lagi kawan saya niiiiii.. Happy for you though.. and klau Amin buat hal habaq kat saya! Siap dia nanti heheh.. <--Ayu perasan kuat!

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