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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday, as everyone knows, was Mother's Day. Being a bit on the budget as I am right now, I didn't actually know what to do for Mama.. However, me and Ikram decided to do a Mother's Day breakfast for her :)

As planned, I only went home at 4am that morning. We had planned to start cooking as I arrived but I started getting sleepy (shouldn't be a surprise here, I've been having trouble sleeping eversince Thursday!!) so I told Ikram I wanted a quick nap.. which I couldn't actually get as, eventhough Ikram has proved himself crafty in the kitchen, I still couldn't trust him haha..

Anyway, the late start resulted in a late finish. I was still making the french toast using french loaves (niiiiiiiccee!!) when Mama came in the kitchen, scolding me for coming home quietly hehe..

After everyone had performed their Subuh prayers, we served everything in the living area BUT we didn't actually eat as we were busy talking A LOT hehe.. it must be around 9.30 that we managed to finish eating and by that hour, I was really sleepy.. so I decided to take a quick nap..

..which turned into a full deep sleep! Hahah, I woke up after 1pm :D

Then Mama decided to buy us lunch. Yeah, MAMA, not her ampeh children heheh.. So around 4pm ONLY did we all get to go out, and that was after shouting to everyone to get ready, stopping for another round of chat amongst us and all that.

After lunch, went to buy some groceries while hiding from Ikram who seemed to find everything in the store interesting enough to buy. Me and Iskandar were in charge of the trolley and I felt a bit like a kid, dodging Ikram with it. Mama just shook her head. Guess, she couldn't believe her 15 and 21-year-old sons as well as 27-year-old daughter were still acting like toddlers :D

When we got home, me and Iskandar presented her with a store-bought carrot and cheese cake that was delicious and full with carrots. This bakery really wasn't 'kedekut' in the carrot department :)

Anyway, we just sat around in the sofa and talked (and fought hehe..). It was way after 8 that I finally got started on coming back to Nibong Tebal.

Still, a short day but I enjoyed it. Iskandar was finally not-so edgy as he usually is nowadays and we had a kinda fun day :)

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