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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mari main gantung² :D

Hehe.. ape sy ckp ni?

2 days agi, did a girls-day-out with Bart. We wanted to watch Benjamin Button actually (iyer, sy tau, sy lembap :p) but cinemaonline tipu sy.. dia kate ari Ahad ade show at 11.30am in Megamall, tp kami sampai awal and TAKDE.. kuciwaaaaa!

Then looked at the list, but no movie caught our attention.. adeh! Sungguh leceh, especially since now I only have Sundays pun untuk berpoye² tengok movie *sigh*

Anyway, since there were no movies to watch, we decided to go to Jusco to do some shopping hehe.. bought some blouses, one which I'm saving for my birthday (Poyo!! Haha..), the Benjamin Button book (tak dpt tgk movie, bace buku dia pun jadik lee.. said the kuciwe-movie-goer!), some cream cheese (for the cheesecake yang tak buat² pun lagik wpun dah berbulan kate nak buat!), some present for some students, present for Bart on her promotion (congrats!!) and a pair of sandals (Chup! Nape cam sikit je, aritu cam byk je brg huhu..)

Nway, the sandal purchase tu I blame kak Zarina haha.. Her blog was full of leather sandals and shoes a few entries ago, and seriously I was excited looking at her purchases (she bought some for her friends too..). Still, my sandals, though old and buruk, were still ok so I didn't have any excuse to buy new ones.

But then, my favourite store was having a sale. Bart le ni, ajak masuk (Huh, asyik salahkan org je sy ni!). This store is not usually known for its nice designs, tak lawo sgt pun, but more known for its durability. Then, I noticed these leather sandals I've been eyeing (planning to buy once my current ones 'retire' since this store bukan the type yg have new designs for every season. In fact, my old sandals pun they still jual hehe.. and its been years since I've had these) had a 50% discount. Quickly calculating (alaa, just slice the price in half), it was actually quite affordable, though I might have to cut down on some things. Yeay.. and akhirnye sy membeli sandal itu (I liked it coz it reminded me of the kind of sandals I wore when smaller, you know the one with straps through the ankle?)

Oppss, lari topic.. I actually wanted to show something :)

Most of you know I'm crazy for bracelets and bangles (click here). It started when Abah bought me a tigers eye bracelet in South Africa when I was in form 3 and eversince, I've liked bracelets. Dayah and Yun used to buy me some whenever they went out and saw one they thought I'd like and recently Kut bought a few jade bangles for us when she went to Chiangmai. Some other friends have also bought me bracelets for my birthday like the purple beads Long bought for me and the one Remy+Hana bought for me on their second honeymoon.. Izati also buys some for me and last year I got one from Ana with lil' crowns around it.. sgt cute!

In short, sape jual gelang in USM, konpem will get a purchase from me.. haihhh!

A few entries ago (a few ke?) I wrote about purchasing a 'bracelet tree' here. Well, the second one I bought was already overloaded with my bracelets, as can be seen above, and I was thinking of buying a new one, though I didn't know when.

Then on Sunday, while me and Bart did our 'tawaf' of Jusco, we entered Lovely Lace just to see this 'thing' on sale. I don't know what it is exactly, but it was perfect for my bracelets hehe..


Hmm.. to those who know the real purpose of this 'thing', please don't laugh at me for using it as a 'bracelet tree' haha.. di sinilah sy main gantung² gelang :p

Chumel kan?

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