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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Roald Dahl fever :p

I was an Enid Blyton girl. Mama introduced me to her books when I was smaller and since she has a vast collection of books, it was almost a never-ending journey for me to find her book everytime Abah treated us with a visit to the bookstore.. OR when I went to the library.. OR when I went to any of my bookworm friends when I was smaller (kak Zarina, kak Rikke and Bibbi).

Well, I also had another type of book that I collected. Remember those 'skim membaca' books sold in school book stores? The ones sold for RM1.90 each? Translated children mystery books by Enid Blyton, the Nancy Drew series and the Hardy Boys series? Those were also books I hunted down, even my brothers (whom I think really seldom read books) loved to buy those books. Giler murah and soooo many titles..

Anyway, for a while, those were the only books I looked for.. that was until Firdaus came into my class in standard 3.

I actually kinda despised him at first haha.. on our first english test, he got the highest marks, surpassing me and Soraya who were usually the top scorers for this subject. Guess it was more of jealousy then. Anyway, me and a few friends (Soraya, Adam and Alfy mostly) liked to talk about books and Firdaus somehow tried to give his piece of mind on books too but mostly I ignored him.. jelous kan haha..

Then one day, he bought The BFG to school. He sorta forced me to read it, hinting it was a 'buku budak besar' when compared to Enid Blyton. It was the first time I heard of Roald Dahl and though at first I didn't wanna listen to him, his remark on me reading childish books made me step up to the challenge of a new author..

..and I was impressed!

Not that I'm saying he's better than Enid Blyton (In fact, I still love reading Enid Blyton books every now and then hehe.. seriuosly, I love her! My very first favourite author..), but he was another great story teller in a different way than Enid Blyton.

I finished the book that very night (and read it again the next morning) and haughtily gave back the book to Firdaus the next day while pretending I didn't care much for the book. But when he asked me if I wanted to sample another of Roald Dahl's creation, I quickly agreed.. and he gave me The Witches (which was already in his bag.. adeh! He must've guessed I'd like the book)

So that started my love affair with Roald Dahl (though funnily enough, I NEVER got hold of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!). But since Abah only allowed one book per book-shop-visit, I never chose his books and prefered collecting Enid Blyton's books (I remember me and Bibbi, on our birthdays we always knew what we'd get from each other: Enid Blyton books, of course!)

Well, I grew up and got to know other authors (I read Sidney Sheldon's The Other Side of Midnight when I was an innocent standard sixer.. and was terrified when I read the 'steamy scenes' in the book! Little did I know that was normal for adult books but I was afraid someone might say I was reading some porn material hahah..), bought other books aside from Enid Blyton and enjoyed them..

However, a few days ago while browsing in Popular for Stephen King's Rose Madder (Uwaaa, nape takde kat sini?), I came across a collection of Roald Dahl's books.. and they were at a bargain price of 3 book to the price of 2. I quickly searched for my fav 2, the two first Roald Dahl books I read. I was delighted to find Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in the set too and by the time I was queueing at the cashier, I had a total of 7 of his books..Hahah.. thats what you get when you deprive your childhood of your favourite books kot. Nice lot kan? And I'm a happy girl and don't care if anyone tells me I'm to old for these books :p

Yeaayyy.. :)

Oppss, to not let these books feel left out (as if..).. I also bought these books too :) Been wanting to own Digital Fortress for year now as I kinda like the book compared to Deception Point.. and Benjamin Button which I didn't get to watch..

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