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Monday, March 02, 2009

Betul.. betul.. betul!

Sape lum tengok Gang: Pengembaraan Bermula? :p

Huh, Ayu ngade.. dia pun baru tengok hehe..

I actually wanted to watch it from the day it was released, but was too bz. Then I had to hear from almost everyone about their reviews about the movie.. huh, saje bully orang la tu diorg nih!

Les' Copaque ek name the people responsible? Very good strategy.. for two Ramadhans, they gave us six 5-minute episodes of Upin dan Ipin, just to make us fall in love with the twins. Then a few weeks ago, we got another set of six 5-minute episodes (which I watched, plonked in front of the tv at 7pm sharp hehe..). So when the movie came out, konpem la ramai nak tengok hehe..

..and tak rugi!

Yeay! Malaysia dah pandai buat animation!! Well, actually, previous ones pun okay gak.. like Silat Lagenda and lain².. but since the only one I really watched is Upin dan Ipin, of course la nak pui melambung kan hehe..

The movie, sgt best.. for the young and the young-at-heart (ehem ehem!). I went to watch the morning screening (on a working day!) so there were only about 10 peopel in the cinema. Tu pun, we laughed like a full cinema.. truly satisfying and entertaining..

..though since most of us have grown used the the others in the Upin dan Ipin gang, I kinda missed those other kids. Ehsan with his 'Intan Payung' name, Fizi, Jarjit with his '2, 3 kucing berlari..' pantuns, Mail and his '2 singgit' dialogues and Mei Mei, the voice of reason for the whole gang.

Still, it was nice to know Rajoo. He usually has just a small part in the 5-minute episodes so this time, bleh kenal dia. "Sapy gooooo!" Hehe..

Anyway, yesterday at the movies, there was still a long line for the movie, so sape tak tengok lagi.. ape lagi! Watch it while its still hot.. you won't be disappointed :)

For more info about the movie, you can go to and as for Upin and Ipin

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