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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flavours of the World

I had a bad morning. For once, I came early (Hahah.. its been ages since I've come early to school). I had planned to email the report to Leong, after a few modifications la, then head off to Bagan Serai to cash in my cheque and go 'out'.. but my computer had other plans for me. Thus, I was stuck with it for most of the morning, but with help from Ramadhan, Hasrul and Sham la of course.. harap kat sy, sampai ke sudah tak leh nak on pc nih..

Anyway, since my time for the 'outing' was cut short, I decided to cancel it and was moping around until I noticed this book of coupons on Ramadhan's desk. When I looked through them, I realized there was a World Food Festival held at the Pusat Bahasa.. and we didn't know about it!

Seriously, they should do some promotion for these kinda things, especially when we have so many foreigners here.

I went with Ramadhan and though the 'festival' was quite small, there was a big crowd there. There were booths for Malay food (which though should have the most diversity, the booth was deserted.. as expected la kan dah hari² jumpe Malaysian food hehe..), Japanese food (which sgt mengecewekan since I SAW the Jusco packaging of the sushi), Russian food (I only saw some potato salad which doesn't seem like Russian food since I pun tau buat as well as some jelly) that shared a booth with two more countries yang one I have forgotten but the other one had croissants (French perhaps?)

Since giler ramai punye orang, I didn't get to see everything on the table. Ramadhan yang renjong itu gelak tgk Ayu terkial² nak intai what every booth had (there was this cupcake stall jugak..) but at the end of the line of the booth was this Spanish (?) booth, manned by Dr Choong's wife whom we know IS Spanish :)

The food looked delicious..

And I tried this..
..just don't ask me the name of it, I've forgotten it already. But the taste was sooooo nice.. yummy!

They should do this more often, you know :)

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