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Friday, March 06, 2009

Whats in my mail :)

Went to the office this morning and abg Joe told me there was a parcel for me. Have been expecting parcels from Wanie, Yong and An pun so I was suprised when I saw a familiar 'font 14' hand writing on the parcel.. kak Wahid!! :)

Lupe plak kak Wahid had bought something for me whilst she was on her honeymoon.. upah jadik the pengapit, bidan-terjun style hehe..

So abg Joe handed me this..

..which I opened to find this..

..and opened again to find.. jeng.. jeng.. jeng..

Yeay! A Harry Potter key chain.. siap ade robe tulis Gryffindor lagik hehe.. and he has the lightning scar as well as the glasses.. chumel! Sgt suke hehe.. THANX kak Wahid! :)

Boleh bukak robe lagik haha..

Ye.. yeee, I know I'm to old for this, but I DON'T CARE! Still love it.. muaahhhhhhsss to kak Wahid :)

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