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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Remember a previous post I said, GREENS DON'T MAKE YOU FULL..?

Hmm, I think I'm gonna hafta swallow my words..


Yesterday, since I was too lazy to make something on the stove, I decided to do that salad thingey I did last week.. you know, the one with the baked cheese? The differance this time was that I used the whole head of those corally leafy thingeys.. as a result, I got this huge bowl of salad that I was sure could last me until dinner.. added with something else heavy that is!

So I sat in front of the tv, taking a quarter of the portion I had prepared (ni berlakon je ni, I knew a quarter portion won't be enough pun, tu sbb I bought the whole salad bowl sekali depan tv pun hehe..) and munching on the greens. Mind you, this was around 11am. And true to what I had said, greens don't make you feel full.. as the next thing I knew, I HAD FINISHED THE WHOLE BOWL.. and this coming from a girl who hates greens!

Then know what.. I didn't need to eat anything ELSE right until this morning!! I, of all people was suprised coz like I said earlier, these things don't make you full.. and my day was actually full of activity right after Zohor where I had two classes, Maths F5 in Jawi 2.15 to 4.15 and Maths F5 in Bagan Serai 5.15-6.45 AND Maths F2 8.15-10.15pm.. and I wasn't hungry, even a bit!

Wow! I was wrong!


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