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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feeling domestic?

Ive been feeling a bit domestic lately haha.. granted this isn't a feeling I feel everyday.. or even every week for that matter. Sekali sekale sahaje haha..

Anyway, I finally decided to try my hand at the cheesecake recipe Mas gave us a few months ago. Ye, I know, I know, that simple recipe patutnye dari dulu dah bleh buat tp sy kan P.E.M.A.L.A.S, using the excuse that I don't have a springform pan (lame excuse, I know..). I even got to know that even school children are making this in their Kemahiran Hidup class but (as lame excuse number 2), their KH class is better equipped than my kitchen :p

So a few weeks ago, I went to Billion to finally buy this..

So tadek alasan dah kan, right? Hehe..

Still, I wanted something, an occasion, to do this and voila.. I got it in the form of last week being a birthday week for me. Not mine la obviously, but a few friends and a student of mine. Not that I made this and send to them la kan hehe.. but it was an excuse I could use hehe..

Turned out, mmg betul semua org cakap, it doesn't actually take much time to make it (nmpk sgt la sy ni byk sgt alasan kaaaaann :p) I even experimented with the topping, doing the marble-like topping Mas had suggested..

..but finally opting for the normal fruit preserve topping (since I think my 'marble-ing' skills are so not right yet!)

And tadaaaa..

Hehe.. bought it to class since I can't possibly finish it myself kan. Sorta like a birthday cake thingey for my student la kot haha..


I've also found a way to help me curb my 'obsession' for tinned Nescafe (since the boikot thingey, I've been a bit self-conscious drinking it.. though I haven't actually completely stopped buying them yet..)

I found it a few days ago and since I've always been a tea-drinker, I like this choice better :)

See? Hehe.. There's another flavour, tea with passion fruit which is my favourite but I couldn't find one yesterday and only got to buy these two. Btw, ini adelah iklan tak berbayar ye :p I like it, though its a bit sweet kot..

Hmm.. tinned tea as opposed to tinned Nescafe? Not much differance you say? Hehe, maybe to you, but I've been trying for so long to find something else I could 'obsess' upon instead of Nescafe and since this is the next best thing, I'll take it :)

Next step: Plain water, Ayu.. plain water! Hehe..


Still on the same page as feeling domestic, today I made my own lunch! :D

Far from tooting my own horn, I'm actually trying to salvage the last remnants of my ego as a 28 16-year-old woman girl who's independant enough to at least cook her own meals.. so bear with me please! Besides, as you will see, these are the food for singletons, LAZY singletons like me and not appropriate kot for big family meals :p

I found some coral leaf salad leaves in my fridge, and knowing that they don't actually last long enough as I'd like them to, I decided to make full use of at least one head of it (I had 2 of those leafy heads) Remembering a Rachel Ray episode in which she made some salad, tossed with bits of sliced steak (I just used plain beef burger patties.. The Ramly kind, NOT the homemade patties ye, I takde la terre ye :p) and baked cheese (she used goats cheese, I used the leftover cream cheese in my fridge).

Had fun doing it as it became a kinda adventure.. coz I forgot what was actually supposed to be done haha.. but in my own twisted sense of accomplishment, I think it was okay (since I'm not fussy in the food department, EVERYTHING would be okay kaaannn!)

Then, since I had always thought that greens don't fill you up (I could never understand those people who eat salad as a full meal..), I thought of doing something else too, with my salad as the side. Found some spiral pasta and thought of frying them so voila! My lunch hehe..

..and what lunch eaten alone would be complete without a good book, right! ;)

Still, sy agak la jugak nyesal goreng the pasta since the salad DID turn out to be VERY filling. Maybe sebab ade the chopped burger patties as well as the baked cheese. But I still stand my ground that greens ALONE don't fill you up :p

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