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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kenape sy tabley masuk kedai buku..

I always had a weakness with bookstores.. MPH ke, Borders ke and my favourite: Popular, since its the only bookstore found in abundance in Penang la kan. Pantang nampak, mesti nak masuk. Its come to the point where my friends won't ask me if we pass through a bookstore. Memasing menjuih mulut ke the said bookstore, knowing I mesti nak masuk, even for 5 minutes which usually ends in being at least 15 minutes.

But recently I've noticed something. If before, I pantang nampak bookstore, now I pantang masuk! Why? Coz everytime I enter a bookstore, tak sah klau tak kuar with a book.. AT LEAST A book!

Like a few weeks ago, I went to the Popular in Prangin to buy my Rose Madder yang dah lame giler nak beli.. but came out with two books! Then that exact afternoon, singgah Jusco Perda to buy some groceries and decided to head to the Popular on the first floor to see if there were any new Conan comics.. and I came out with two Conan comics AND two more books!

Total books I bought that day..


Ok la.. since I still had books from yang I tak bace lagik, I thought.. "Thats it for this month! I'm NOT buying any books dah!"

Yeahhhhhh rigggghhhttt!

Last Thursday went to service PFK and since I had to pay not as much as I had initially thought, I had a few ringgit to spare. I thought I'd go grab a quick lunch at QBay before heading back to campus.. and no prize for guessing where I ended AND what I bought!

Thats it!! No more bookstores for me!!!

Giler byk buku kat umah yg tak bace lagikkkk huhu..

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