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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pudding anyone?

Haven't been using this for a while hehe..

Actually, this double boiler was a leftover from the days of me staying with kak Shima and kak Kathy. You see, kak Shima loved her steamed fish, so we HAD to have one of these at home.. and I must say, I love kak Shima's steamed fish too.. klau buat je, mesti makan nasik sampai buncit hehe..

Anyway, after they left, the double boiler or what I usually call 'periuk kukus', was left with me.. and leaving it iwth me meant leaving it in the cabinet for years haha..

But then, recently I went across Watie's blog and found an entry on the Caramel Pudding or Pudding Gule Hangus. I actually love this pudding, especially when Mama makes them BUT I've never tried it myself as at home, it was usually Mama who made this. I've been wanting to do it as I remember it being quite simple but I didn't have the right recipe (READ: malas nak cari hehe..)

So Watie was very generous to share her simple recipe with me and last night, since I couldn't sleep, I thought of making some :)

Finally, periuk kukus ku keluar dari kabinetnye hehe.. and looky here :)

..and here!

Sebenarnye, eversince living alone, memang jadik malas nak try buat ape². At least dulu, even when I stayed alone, I had Dgon, Jutie, Lily, Pojie and Salimin to finish up anything I make, skrg dah takde.. but I remembered my students hahah.. thats why I followed Watie's advice to try make them in small containers like those..

..abis la student sy keracunan pas nih! Hehe..

Should've asked Watie about her hint on the amount of caramelized sugar. When I gave them to my students tadi, dah hand them out, baru tingat, I HAVEN'T EVEN TASTED THEM YET!


Tadi baru dpt rase, and though the pudding itself is not too sweet and not tasteless, just like I want it, the caramelized sugar tu byk sgt kot sy buh.. manis gila! Now instead of a quick death with meracunkan student ni, I'm giving them a slow one with diabetes haha..

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