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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Prof Talk

Today we had the Prof Talk by Dr Midi and Dr Farhan.. Oppss, Prof Hamidi and Prof Farhan hehe..

Actually, its the first time I ever went to listen to this kind of talk. Our school only recently started to have our share of professors. Starting with Dr Azazi (the Kelantanese English speaking lecturer hehe.. we used to enjoy listening to him talking in English), Dr Amin.. then Dr Midi and a few months after that Dr Farhan. And the recent prof is Dr Meor. My previous supervisor, Dr Wan Hashim, has also received his professorship, though not in USM la since he's not here anymore. But in UniMAS.

Anyway, the talk was ok la.. quite what you'd expect. But I loved the multimedia presentation abg Shidi and his team (I know kak Chah went to take all those pictures and videos with abg Mie kot).

Dr Midi's multimedia presentation prepared by them (Dr Midi wasn't allowed to watch it beforehand, klau tak silap sy!) was very.. I can't really say sad.. but, touching perhaps. He started with very humble beginnings and there were pictures of his childhood.. hehe, chumel la Dr, muke budak² baik heheh.. they showed his house were he grew up in. He was the youngest from 9(?) and his mother couldn't read but she made him believe in the importance of education. He lost his her when he was in form 1.

Patut la kak Jah cakap: Sebak bile tengok Dr Hamid punye history..

Actually, most of us only knew about this sebab kan the professor talk. I dunno about other U's but prof talk ni to me is like a very big deal. Sebab tu la the staff and students in my school bersungguh² tried to make it a success. Every little detail tu dilihat dan diperhati (tak same ke makne 2 perkataan tu?), thats why Dr Midi nye history ni sy baru tau..

Sedih jugak bile tengok but look at him now.. believe it or not, when he wanted to enroll in a university, makne engineering pun dia tatau! But look at him now.. kagum giler sy! He's about to be my newest role model after Dr Farhan hehe..

And suprises of suprises, I actually enjoyed his talk. I always thought of him as bapak². The gentle but strict type.. one you could trust tp nak melawak² ke, sy tak penah berani sgt. Even nak gelak² in front of him pun but his talk was full of jokes (actually, dia ngaja pun ade gak jokes dia la Ayu.. dah lupe ke?) and I found myself laughing along with the others.

Lupe plak: His son made this multimedia presentation (sorry, I dunno what other word to use here.. bukan org IT kaaan hehe..) and Dr Midi inserted it in his presentation.. alahaiii, sweet nye ayah n anak!

Then when his wife was called to present a bouquet by the school, baru first time all of most of us saw his wife. Lemah lembut and cantik la wife dia :)

Dr Farhan came next. Ni memang betul cakap kak Jah.. sgt beze la Dr Farhan and Dr Midi. Bak kate kak Jah, bende paling susah Dr Farhan pernah kene buat is gi sekola naik beskal.. Dr Midid dulu, umah pun takde elektrik..

Tp Dr Farhan's multimedia presentation by the multimedia team was the best of both hehe.. they did this close up of him in a recent pose.. then moved backward saaaaaaaaaaaampai la ke gambar dia time baby (Kinda like the Benjamin Button case ke ek heheh..) Mase kecik sgt chumel hehe.. time sekola, he had these gigantic glasses style dolu² punye kan.

There was one picture of him mase marching for hari sukan skolah.. it was then revealed that the girl behind him was his dear wife, Dr Azlina (also already a professor.. sy baru tau je tadi.. besnye rezeki diorg kan). And since its known around the campus on how much of a loving couple they are, byk jugak la pictures of them together.. siap one picture tu the team editted so it will be framed in a heart. Mase Dr Azlina was called to give Dr Farhan a bouquet of flowers, sgt sweet tgk Dr Farhan kiss his wife forehead in front of everyone during this supposedly formal event.. besnye! :)

His parents and parents-in-law were present as well as Fawwaz yg macam dah sihat je sy tengok. There were pictures of Fawwaz in the hospital jugak and rasenye semua org sebak tengok dia mase tu. Alhamdulillah la dia dah sihat kan :)

Anyway, nape sy tak tulis pasal the contents of their talk ye?

Hehe, the contents ok la but we've heard them.. it was the history of these two pillars of the school yang sy baru first time dengar and yang menarik perhatian sy :) and even if I've always looked up to them, I know see them in a different light too..


Sowi, the pictures as usual from my phone je la kan.. and same position sbb postgrads were asked to sit in front. Tak dpt nak bgn dari kerusi to take different angles ke ape ke :p (Alasan tul la Ayu niiii..)

P/S 2
Mencelah sikit. I baru tau, my students tulis kat buku diorg on the Teacher's Name slot: Ayumi..
Huik, mase bile name sy tukar jadik camtu?

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