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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love chocolates!!! :)

One upon a time ago, I couldn't live without chocolates. I always had to have some spare choc bar to come in handy whenever the need for them came over me. My friends all knew about this, and even IM knew which was a good thing since he's a chocoholic too so I always got chocolates from them.. one most memorable one was from Ami during Valentines when we were in form 2. She gave us the boxes of heart-shaped milk chocolate in the cute boxes.. giler sayang nak makan time tu hehe..

Even as I grew and went away from home, any outing wouldn't be complete without me searching for chocolates. It was a must everytime I went out.. but that doesn't mean I'm an expert when it comes to chocolate, in fact, most of the time I dunno what chocolate goes into my mouth, much to the disappointment of friends who sometime go outta their way to buy me those 'designer chocolates' that suddenly stormed all shopping complex in Malaysia a few years back.. sorry guys! Huhu, but I really appreciated it :)

But seriously, I'd be happy with just a simple bar of Cadbury chocolate (though I don't really like ANY chocolate with raisins in it.. nuts are the best, but raisins?!?)

Anyway, somehow, along the line of growing up, my love for chocolate started becoming an old thing. Maybe it started from me trying to watch my weight or something, or maybe I was just plain bored with years and years living with chocolate. Either way, it wasn't an essential part of my life anymore..

A few days ago, while suddenly craving for an ice-cream, I realized that I could now go on for two months straight without chocolate. The sentimental part of me felt a bit sad about this as once, chocolate always seemed to make me feel better and it actually felt a bit good to feel like a normal girl who loves chocolate (Yes, I once thought girls who don't like chocolate are strange hehe.. especially when I got to know a few guys who were just as crazy for chocolate as I was!)

Then this morning, I had a kinda wake up call. Not really a wake up call la, more like a shove in the back as I've always been worried about my PhD and how slow I am at doing this this as well as how on earth did I ever think I could do this. I was feeling a bit down and unhappy, even when I was a bit cheered up by a fellow PhD student, Ho who had helped realize that I'm not the only one feeling this. I was suprised though, Ho always seemed to get it all together but yesterday she cheered me up by telling me she had the same problems as me actually.. and she wants to help me! Yeay..

But after this morning, my positive outlook I had yesterday somehow had dimmed and I was actually on the verge of tears..

Until I received something from Ho..

I don't remember feeling so happy receiving chocolates.. especially the fruit and nut one which I told you, I hate haha.. but I appreciate the gesture. She feels as if I had helped her when it was her who had helped me yesterday. I was just doing my job (that was delayed by the bendahari la of course.. and Ho didn't complain!)

So now, I'm back to smiling hehe.. just have to wait for maghrib for iftar so I can finally get those candies in my tummy.. yummy yum yum!

Thanx Ho!

Alamak! Misa had also given me a box of Belgian chocolates (which I don't understand why some people take them as very special chocolates as they taste like, well, chocolates! Hahah.. sowi Misa.. tp sy suke tauuuuu!!!! Like I said, I love chocolates but dunno how to appreciate them!) when she went to Langkawi a few weeks ago. Tp sy tak citer al pulak ek Misa haha.. bukan tak suke tau.. suke.. serius! Tp takde la pulak gambo nye nak buh kat sini..

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