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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dah tua ke sy? :p

Boleh tak..
Ayu lupe Isnin ni cuti hahah..

I only realized last night while watching the 8tv Quickie where Belinda and Henry were going on and on about the long weekend. They were talking about viewers activity for the long weekend and the possibility of the 8tv crew to drop in during the said weekend which made me first think, "Deme ni dah takde idea ke? Takde long weekend, carik long weekend.."

That waaaaasss.. until they showed these pictures of the Thaipusam celebration which made me slap my forehead la of course for being a forgetful Penangite (tetibe ngaku Penang plaaaakk!) hehe..

Anyway, as usual when I can't think of anything to do on a Sunday (since terdapat kekangan kewangan jugek la kan :p), I decided to come to school..

(Irony: I spent my school years wishing I won't have to go to school anymore.. and now when I'm supposed to have the choice of it, I can't get away from it :p)

So sy pun bersiap² mau ke sekolah. It hit me, I could now choose which watch to wear today (org dah ade due jam kan after that incident kene tipu itu!) haha.. I decided on wearing my new one so while I was putting it on my wrist, I started smiling.

You see, I could only afford this new watch after teaching for the school holidays (Iyerrr, sy bukan org kaye :p) And I was able to buy this after teaching two classes throughout the school holidays.. classes which, may I add, I really enjoyed.

Its not that I don't enjoy my other classes, but somehow, for a very long time, this is the first time I felt no pressure. I even looked forward to meeting my students during this time.. and this includes the class from hell which I must admit, not all of them are the spawn of the devil (Oittt Ayu, thats going a tad too far, don't you think?) Okay la.. I rephrase.. not all of them are imps! (And I don't mean the cute imps, mind you!)

Anyway, it occured to me that only in my 7th year of teaching have I ever bought anything extravagant (for me la at least.. to others this might be bende bese je kannn) from the pay I receive. No wonder I always smile and think of them whenever I look at this watch :)

But hey.. wait a moment!

Seven years?

Am I sewious?

That means *doing some mental calculation*, the first batch of students I ever taught would be 24 this year?!?!

What the hell!

I mean.. where did all the years go?

Soon, I'll be receiving their wedding invitations.. aiyak!!

I know my friend Yun recently went to her student's wedding.. tp student dia budak U, memang dia kenal diorg pun diorg dah 20 something.. but my students are much younger. I knew them when they were barely going throught their mid-teens.. and I'm not even 30 yet!

A few of them are either graduating this year.. or have graduated last year.. Silap² dah ade yg sambung MSc?!?!


Adeh.. suddenly I feel so ancient haha..

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