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Friday, February 20, 2009

Chumel tak? Theehee..

Last week, the 1st year studens here had an 'Expo Keusahawanan' (klau tak silap la, that was the name!) where they sold anything they could. From t-shirts and jerseys, to food and drinks, to computer thingeys to cute² lil things..

I had gone there last year and regretted not buying these cute decorated paper clips so this year, I was determined to find them and buy them.. at least to keep as presents for my student, now that its become like wajib to buy them something hahah..

Went there with Irnis, right before we had this photography session in the traffic lab, and believe me, the scene that greeted us was.. colourful! Not only colourful because there were so many races loitering around, but visually colourful. Balloons, ribbons.. I almost thought there was a party going on as me and Irnis went around the booths. One sight that made me laugh was to see chinese students selling hijabs and pins for the hijabs hahah.. not that is was funny, but it was kinda strange. Still, Mis told us they had to sell in groups by school or something so I'm guessing, this was an idea of a muslim team member kot, knowing hijabs are usually a hit in this campus.

Anyway, I didn't find the paper clips I had wanted to buy. Instead, I found..

Heheh.. cute eyh! These are paper clips too. Magnetic ones.. and since I couldn't resist anything I consider cute, no matter how impractical they are, I bought SIX of them. Takde la mahal pun, RM3.50 for one but 3 for RM10.. and I got a further discount of buying them at RM18. Yeayyy..

So I'm not sure WHEN and WHERE I'll be using these. Most likely it will be kept for presents la kot haha..

Which reminds me, I just might give the car one to my student Hazril who had his birthday yesterday. I'd already bought him a gift but he had asked for a car hehe.. aci whaaaaattt! Car jugak kaaannn..
I like the cowww hehehe.. takmo bg sesape heheh..

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