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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ayu masak?!?!

Remember last week I said I was searching for a gratin recipe? Hehe.. I found one :)

Now, I was a bit annoyed when someone asked me, "Potato gratin yg senang tu pun tatau buat ke? Kene search recipe ek?" Huh, nyampah! Nak kutuk sy secare subtle la tuh *bosan*

FYI cik know-it-all, mmg sy tak penah buat pun. Salah ke klau nak try.. and actually I have the basic recipe for it, cumenye the basic recipe needed some cream which supermarkets in Pt Buntar taraknye nak jual.. and sy juge tadek keje nak gi Jusco semate nak cari cream yg harge tak sampai RM10 tu dengan membayar duit tol RM5.60 pegi balik beserta around RM10 of petrol. And also, I had come across this Malaysian-type gratin that I've been wanting to try pun.. aci tak, gune udang kering, belacan, santan.. heheh, very Malaysia kaaaaann :)

Anyways, perut sy nak makan pun :p Klau tak jadi, so what? To me, you could never go wrong with potatoes (says the potato lover hehe..). Seriously, you can do anything with potatoes and I'd say its delicious.. except la if you do something weird like cook it in a sweet way instead of savoury.. sy pun tak adventurous sebegitu untuk try. It even sounds a bit gross (sorry!)

My fav: potatoes cooked in chicken/beef curry! Fuhhh, sedap tu.. I used to 'kutip' all the potatoes in the pot whenever Mama made curry (Oppps, now Adi knows where all the missing potatoes went to hehe..)

Anyway, with only seeing the pictures of finished gratins in recipe books and only once seeing someone doing it on tv, I set off to do it.. sape yg dah penah buat, sile jgn gelak kat my 1st effort ye (which usually will still be the same for my 2nd, 3rd and all efforts pasni if I choose to do it again :p)

So above here's the 'raw' ingredients (Poyo sbb baru 1st time buat kaaaaann hahah..)

This pulak are the bende² yang dah dikupas (ubi, bawang bla²..), rendam (cili kering and udang kering) and siang (sotong.. actually found some squids yang dah tak ingat beli bile.. so thought of masukkan je dlm ni.. don't think it would spoil the taste pun kan?)

How bout this? Hehe..

Ol' skool kan haha.. still using the old fashioned pestle and mortar. I DO have a blender, mind you.. but leceh nak basuh haha (pemalas teruk!) And besides, I actually believe my sambal tumis (on the rare occasions I'm up to it) is better using this old fashioned way instead of when I use the blender. Serious, dah penah compare.. or I dunno la if its only in my head, but I stick to what I believe. Still, pedih mate gak when biji cili masuk my mate.. uwaaaaaaaaaaa! Trus tumbuk sambil pakai spek hehe.. Anyway, this is how it looked like before going in the oven..

Okay², I admit.. TAK LAWO LANGSUNG! Haha.. seriously, even I was a bit grossed out.. adeh! Ape ni Ayu hehe..
Then.. tadaaaaaaa..

Hehe.. ye laaaaaaaaaa.. sy tau! Masih tak lawo hehe.. Not the least resembles the picture accompanying the recipe I got. But at least I finally made it by myself.. and sape nak kutuk, pi jauh².. shoooh! Shooh! :p

The taste?

Actually.. tak makan pun lagik hehe.. I finished baking it around 1.35pm and had to rush to class. So its still in the oven sebenarnye, sempat snap a quick photo just before going out. I'll save it for dinner (Huhh.. tak bes langsung.. semangat nak buat tapi makan lambat!)

..which reminds me, I have to go out and photocopy a few things for my class tonight.. daaaaaa.. :)

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