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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ayu 'weng'! Hehe..

I'm not actually a big fan of ice-cream. Not that I don't eat it at all la kan, but klau takde pun, kire takpe je pun. But these past couple of weeks, I've been on this ice-cream rampage that I've never seen myself in before hehe.. In these two-weeks je, I've donned a sweater over my PJs near midnight and gone to the nearest 7-11 for some ice-cream MORE than 7 times!

Rasenye: Ayu sedang emo haha..

Like 2 nights ago, dah kul brape dah and suddenly wanted an ice-cream with some berry sauce (somehow, I only want ones with choc sauce or berry sauce so ice-lollies I tak pandang pun hehe..). It was freezing (ok, kat Malaysia mane leh freezing kan? Nmpk sgt tipu.. but it was COLD!) but I still wanted at least ONE cone (Iye, sometimes I buy two cones at once.. how emo can you be?) so off I went..

..and came home smiling :)

Nyum..nyumm.. a beauty huh :)

Just look at that 'art creation' (Okay, actually I thought myself a bit gross, amik gambo something I just bit into..)

And look at the sauce oozing outta the ice cream.. yummm..

So officially, Ayu suda weng.. pasai pa? Tatau.. but definitely suda weng haha..

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