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Monday, February 23, 2009

Ayu masak?!? Pt 2

Yesterday was a rainy day. Giler ngantuk and giler sejuk.. Didn't help that yesterday was the bathroom-cleaning day which added to the tahap sejuk I was already feeling. Then tambah plak, the washing machine sorta broke down, so there I was, heaving bucketfuls of water to my washing machine.. this I had no choice as I had a week-old load of laundry.. nak tanak, kene basuh gak.. and yes, sy malas basuh gune tangan haha..

Anyway, while waiting for the washing (its a semi-aotomatic.. KENE tunggu.. adeh! Makes me wish I had bought an automatic washing machine with my tuition pay 2 months ago!), I poked around the kitchen for something to eat (READ: something simple to do!). Then I found the ingredients yg dah beli berbulan lame for a pudding Hasz's mother had taught me.. theoretically la hehe..

First I ignored them, until I realized I had just finished the potato gratin I had made, wpun dah kate kat Sharil and Ija I planned to give some to them.. gulp! Then plak, realizing that the washing machine would take some time, I decided to do the pudding.. basically peach pudding with a bit of raisins throwed in (I hate raisins in chocolate, but in anything else, okay la kot!)

So I lined out the ingredients, double-checking with the recipe la of course. Didn't wanna realize I didn't have enough thing for it midway, did I..

Then mule la proses memasak. Actually, the last time I experimented with agar² was when I was still in school, during when our family had to endure our experimenting almost every weekend haha.. I thought I had forgotten how to make it as I suck at measuring things whenever cooking and sometimes, after a long time of not doing it, I'd get this hardly edible agar² that I could actually throw at the wall and crack it (the wall, not the agar²..) Yes.. exagerrating again hehe.. but you get the picture, don't you?

So first I 'cooked' the agar (I dunno the english word for this.. jelly seems inappropriate though) and while waiting, I beat in the milk with 2 eggs and 5 tablespoons of custard powder. When the agar² had disolved, you beat in the custard mixture in it. The result is a custardy thing like this..

Then, while waiting for it to 'shine' (Hasz's mother's words.. "Tunggu dia berkilat" hehe..), you arrange the peaches and raisins in your container. Actually, her mum used a pudding dish so the end result was oh-so-pretty.. but I didn't have one, so a good old tupperware as well as a plain bowl would have to do. I also prepared another 5 plastic containers (the kind you buy Taufufah in) too as this is quite a big batch of pudding (4 cups of water, one tin of evaporated milk and one tin of excess peach juices).

Then, when it was ready, fill in the containers with the mixture and let it cool before putting it in the fridge. The result.. voila!

Hehe.. ain't bad huh? *perasan*

The taste, not quite like Hasz's mum's pudding but Irnis liked it (tatau la kot dia amik ati je kan hahaha..) I like it too, but then again, I'm not fussy when it comes to food.

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