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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Its times like these when I wish I had a housemate..

Last night after coming back from my class in Bagan Serai, did the usual switching-on-tv-while-changing-into-my-pjs-and-making-some-cold-Milo routine. There was this movie, Shall We Dance on TV3 (which btw means I wanna update sthing, now that I've remembered something! Tapi nanti la, bile takde idea for entry hehe..), then there was the American Idol thingey and I watched it while debating whether I wanted to wash my clothes that night or tonight.

Now, eversince I chopped of my hair a few weeks ago, I've been having this uncomfortable feeling around my neck haha.. Uncomfortable meaning, my hair is usually long so I have to put it up in a bun making my neck stray-hair-free.. if you know what I mean. But I had cut my hair too short a while ago, and though it can barely be tied up, I usually 'force' it into a hair band. So last night, feeling uncomfy, I went into the middle room of the house, which I dubb 'my walk-in closest' (I wish la kaaaaaann!) to brush my hair before I tied it up.

When I had finished with the 'task', I skipped (yes, I'm like a little girl when I'm alone, skipping here and there hehe..) out of the room towards the living room. THAT was when I saw it..

IT wasn't looking at me. More like minding its own business RIGHT IN FRONT of the entrance to the room. All at once, I felt the hairs on my hand rising, my heart was beating so fast and a scream came outta my mouth when I realized IT was there. How it came to be there, I'll never know. The only thing I knew was, I wanted it OUTTA my house.

Yes dear friends.. I had a FROG in my house.. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Geli giler.. toloooooooooooooooooooooongggg!

Last time there was Ellie or Rusya, now I was alone to fight off this demon. I didn't know what to do, remembering the last time when it played dead and as I swept it into the dustpan, it sprang to life, cutting my life span into half. This time, I wasn't even half prepared to face it.

I took the Ridsect in my room (Yea yeaaaa, laugh if you must!) and tried to spray it away. But then, remembering it was in the MIDDLE of the house, I quickly closed the door to my bedroom, stuffing the opening under the door with an old nightie. It hid in the middle room, right behind my shelves of tudung (Tolooooong la jgn masuk kat tudung² tuuuuu!)

..and right until I finally went to bed, I had this fear of going to the toilet as I HAD to pass the line of sight of the frog.. yikes!!

I couldn't sleep, even when I had secured my room to its entrance. Around 2.30am, of all nights, I felt thirsty. Opening the door slowly, fearing it could hear me opening the door to my room than scramble into the open door, I was relieved to see it was not at its initial place. I crept slowly towards the plain water container when I noticed it was right on the floor beside the worktop where I put my bottles of plain water.. mengong nye katak! And once again, I did the stupid spray-Ridsect-on-you thingey..

Rushing back to my room, I tossed and turned until 5.30am, then realized, also of all nights, I suddenly had a full bladder.. Sheesh! Subuh was at 6.15, I had planned to hold until then, tapi tak tahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn..

I quick scan mase tu made me realize HE was no where in sight, but he was right there in the TOILET. Aaaaaaaaaaahhh, sabo je laaaa..

Quickly used the adjecent toilet and took my wudhu at the kitchen sink.. knowing for sure, I don't wanna go near the toilets until it was daylight. Gile makruh, tahan wudhu sampai Subuh tuh.. adeh!

Sharil gave me his petua. Throw some salt on the frog.. tp, sy nak tengok bende tu pun geli, ni kan pulak nak pegi dekat to throw salt. Kate Sharil, "Tabur je garam, nanti dia lari dari garam so boleh halau dia.."

Eee, nak gi dekat pun geli trus.. cammane?

Kate Sharil lagik, "Kalu biar, nanti dia membesar dlm toilet sbb dia suke tempat sejuk and lembap. Katak ni ketegaq skit. Tabur je garam, pastu tunjuk jalan kuar kat dia.."

Which promptly made me imagining myself as a butler and the frog wearing a gentlemans garb, "Iyer Encik Katak, di sini ye pintu keluar. Sile².. Trime kasih sbb datang ye.."

Aiyaaaaakkk.. imagination overdrive!!

In the end, I stayed in my room, the nightie stuffed at the door still intact, until 9.30am where I finally came outta the room and found the frog STILL INSIDE THE TOILET. Penat je berdoa sepanjang pagi moga dijauhkan dari bende itu.. uwaaaaa..

Last², sy ngelat. Called my junior Naim then he and his brother came to rid me of my burden.. legaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Sib baik la ade budak ni..

I still dunno mane the point of entry for the thing but am not taking any chances so any 'holes' I find akan ditutup..

Harapnye malam ni takde la lagi 'guest' nye ekkk

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