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Monday, February 09, 2009

Jambatan Pulau Pinang

Wah.. macam tajuk karangan laaa hehe..


In my dreams: I'm finishing off the final touches of the progress report for the FRGS grant..

Reality: Tengah konpius, ape yg perlu sy isi niiiiiii.. Mule la nyumpah borang ni.. dan nyumpah diri sendiri sebab mengong sgt!


There was something I wanted to write about last week tp cerite itu telah ditenggelami kisah tige sekawan kuar berjalan² hehe.. Tp arini plak, telah melihat kembali ape yang nak diceritekan pade minggu lepas, so sy rase nak tulis jugak :p

Went to Penang just now. Misa's slacks which were still with me perlu dipulangkan. Dia nak pakai first day keje di tempat baru, terpakse la bagi kannn.. dah la dia size XXS, sy nak tumpang pakai pun tak muat.. konpem! :D

Oppss, ubah topik plak..

Well, to go to the island, you have to go through the bridge la kan.. unless naik ferry yang sy konpem la malas nak queue! Anyway, just to inform Penangites yang dah tak reti nak balik Penang (Ade sape² terase?!? Heheh..), Penang bridge dah halfway through the widening project :) :) :)

Actually, there were 'bits and pieces' of the span of the bridge that already had 3 lanes but only parts of it were open. From the toll gates on the mainland until somewhere near the middle of the bridge, cars were zooming by using all three lanes hehe.. but after that, ade la bottle neck nye balik since after that, either it had 3 lanes but the third lane was closed or the construction was still halfway through.

I'd like to give some intellectual discussion of the bridge, mengenangkan I've been stuck in Civil Engineering for almost 10 years now, and specifically in traffic and highway engineering for 7 years of that.. BUT THEN, I don't wanna reveal how stupid I am, do I? Hahah..

Still, it was sort of a nice sight.. even if the bridge I know looks a hell lot of different now. But to conclude it, I felt as if I could organize a football match (orang Melayu nye usual expression: bleh men bola!) on the bridge.. saaaaaaaaaaangat lapang! I was actually suprised when I went on the bridge as you usually have to 'fight' for the lanes, but this time, it was a breeze. Bleh relax² instead of melawan perasaan tension sebab sgt perlu berhati² on the bridge sblm ni..

..and I enjoyed the drive! Tu yang penting kot (Ape yang penting?! Kejeeeeeeeeeesame!!)

Bart told me the widening should be completed by August and truth be told, I can't wait to see the differance it would bring (KALAU ade la kaaannn :p) I've been using this bridge (with Abah or Mama la on the steering wheel before I got my car) for 23 years now (OKAY! Now THAT makes me feel old!) and I guess I'd like the change..

Best news takat ni is, the toll fares would remain the same.. yeay!

I wish I could take a picture of it but since I was driving, tak leh la kan.. tak pasai je accident nanti. Even on the drive back, it was kinda pleasant.. but then again, I DID avoid the rush hour so I don't really know how its like during that time (not that I wanna know anyway :D)

Well, there are 6 more months now (tp kate Bart, progress is much faster than planned.. I'm glad!) so kite tunggu dan lihat :)

Ughh, I actually wanted to write something else than my usual ramblings of my life.. but I sound.. fake hahah.. I'm not gonna try this again after this!

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