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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A tak-sedar-diri-byk-keje day!

Its 1.34am now and I'm in school STILL finishing the report. Sheesh! I really suck at translating English to BM and vice versa. The fact that right now, I haven't slept for exactly 43 hours doesn't actually help that much does it. I've already consumed 5 tins of Nescafe Latte and about to take my next dose of it if someone doesn't stop me at once!

Anyway, I admit, it might me a tad bit my own fault. I had promised Ad and Yee to go to the IPS Exhibition in Penang and take the 1st shift there. We had planned to go to Gurney after that (and this was waaaay before I knew about the report) and somehow, I still didn't wanna miss it..

So there I was.. I had stayed in school until 6.30am and only went home after Subuh prayers. Then I got ready before going out to pick up Ad and Yee and go to Penang for the exhibition. I was already a bit sleepy now but Aje came to cheer me up with his usual jokes.

Oh yeah, something unusual DID happen which left me, Ad and Yee confused.. and laughing our heads off. This 'incident' delayed our initial plan of going to Gurney right after our shift ended (1.00pm) and we only started our journey there around 2.30pm.

During that incident, we went to Chowrasta. Otw there, Ad noticed something.. apparently, public phones are still in fashion. Seems the MPPP decided to spruce up public phones and the telephone booths. I had tried to capture it on my phone but there we too many cars here. But I think you can see the kindergarten-colorful phones in the booth decorated with some sort of design here.. on second thought, am I the only one who found this fascinating?

Anyway, when we arrived at Chowrasta, I felt this great big sense of deja vu and suddenly saw myself, Misa and Amoi going around the shops here in search of old issues of Dragon Ball comics. Here, we bought them at RM2 per book.. quite a bargain, huh? Especially for us then school goers. Ami was the one who told me about these second hand book stores when she bought boxes of the Sweet Dreams series (also sold at RM2 per book). After that, whenever we went out, we were sure to come here in search for books. My friend As once even hunted for the medical handbook (?) here and suprises of suprises, they had a good copy (just like brand new.. honest!!) for her. I couldn't resist sending Misa a picture of one of our favourite stores there..

..then there was the magazine stand where we almost always bought our Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, Yuyu Hakusho, Slam Dunk bla bla.. I sent a picture to both Amoi and Misa and both instantly recognized the magazine stand..

..but when Misa comented on how much she missed Maxim's sandwiches, I really laughed out loud. Just merely 5 minutes before her sms, I had just told Ad and Yee that Maxim's was our favourite bakery back then hehe.. Misa, awak mesti ingat kan, sebelum balik je, meluru kite gi Maxim's beli sandwich ngan bruchetta! Tapi tadi tak sempat la nak singgah.. :(

Anyway, fast forward to Gurney. We arrived around 3.30pm and quickly grabbed some lunch. Then I went to buy my facila cleanser and ended up buying the Total Turnaround as well. Lame giler dah tak pakai bende ni. Check out what else I received for my purchase hehe..

Then, as usual I got the vouchers and I bought this..

..for my bracelets and bangles! Yeay! I already had one before, bought at Lovely Lace..

..but it couldn't hold all my bracelets, thus this second purchase. The price on the tag was RM56.90 but I only paid RM1.20 heheh..

Before heading back here, we went donut hunting and THIS, dear readers, WAS my dinner (Half-eaten Aline there!). Now all are safely in my tummy, except for three quarters of the pinky one there :D

I actually have THREE classes tomorrow. 9.30-11.00am, 11.15 to 12.45pm and 5.15 to 6.45pm. Hmm, wondering if I'd be able to stay awake during teaching?!?! Or should I take a couple more doses of Nescafe, Dr Ina?

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