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Monday, November 24, 2008

Still can't believe how I was tricked into being an MC

A few weeks ago, we had this meeting to choose the committees for our Stress Management Workshop. I don't mind giving a hand in these committee but..

You see, for the past 3 years, I've always been in the food committee (coz I'm chubby perhaps?!) or the souvenier committee. I've grown quite sick of being in these two committee because eventhough they sound like 'easy jobs', they are actually the ones with the most small-details-you-can't-afford-to-miss.

In fact, two years ago we had this Thesis Writing Workshop and I had voiced my need to NOT be in the food committee. Remy had asked me why, to him its an easy job. Ye laaa, Remy had always been the leader, never one in the smaller committees so I guess he doesn't know the hassle of being in these small committees. Not that he's not a good leader, he's a GREAT one, in fact. This was proved by his willingness to be in the smaller committess instead, thus choosing the food committee along with Erwan.

The workshop was only for a day and I laughed out loud when I saw Remy and Erwan 'passed out' on the post grad sofa after lunch. Amik korang, tau pun bende tu penat hahah.. w/pun name nye AJK makanan, cam senang, tapi bende kecik² tu banyak kene jage. But I still pitied them for their first attempt in the konon² girly committee when the food for lunch was not enough and they had to go out and buy some. They thought they didn't have to supervise the food during the breaks when I told them, THAT was one of the small things they had to do. As a result, the foreigners took more lauk than they could eat, wasting it in the end la kannnn.. sape nak makan lebih diorg! Sakit ati tul!

Anyway, we had a good laugh about it haha.. and never again did anyone try to force me to be in the food committee. Instead, everyone took turns.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when abg Fadzil had asked who'd volunteer to be in the food committee, I just looked away. Even when he asked about the souveniers jugak Ayu buat tatau.. alasan: Ayu nak keje mencabar skit hahah! Kunun la kaaaannn.. in the end, Irnis and Dayah was in the food committee while Ad and Yee was in charge of the souveniers.

I asked to be in the registration committee but abg Fadzil said: "Hang tak cukup lawa!" Cehhhhh..

Near the end of the meeting, we remembered we still didn't have an MC.

*to be continued*

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