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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

I had a horrid suprise this morning.. one I hope to NEVER encounter again.

Last night, as obvious from my entry, I stayed at school after eating the yummy burger. Had a few small things to do regarding our Stress Management Workshop next week AND had a round of games to play hahah..

It was only at 12.21am did I realize the time so I rushed back home, not wanting to miss the midnite movie TV3 seems to be playing every week now. This month is the Rocky special so yesterday (or more like this morning) was Rocky IV. I'm not actually a fan of Stallone but I've never seen these movies and since I don't have anything better to do on weekends, I usually plonk myself in front of the tv for any movie they play for the night.

It was around 2.30am that the movie ended to I went to take my pre-sleep wudhu and got ready for bed. After reciting the usual surahs and ayats I do before sleep, I managed to get into dreamland without the hassle of tossing and turning. But I DID mumble to myself when I realized my 'beloved' neighbour had left their porch lights on, thus making my bedroom very 'bright' indeed. This annoyed me a bit as I love it pitch dark when sleeping. Still, being very sleepy, I just went to bed.

Suddenly I was awaken by a knocking sound. At that time, I was sure it was the sound of knocking on the window pane but now I'm not sure what. I grabbed the clock at my bedside and noticed it was 3.35am. Thinking I had heard one of the local tomcats, I drifted off to sleep in no time. A few minutes later I was awoken again by the same sound. Feeling a bit annoyed (especially when I remembered how the dogs outside my house had made quite a ruckus earlier), I went up to the window just outside my bedroom and started to open it..

..and I screamed!

There, just outside my bedroom window was a face looking right at me, with hands on my window pane. It actually helped that my neighbours had switched on the light but in my haste to slam the window panes shut, I only managed to see a bespectacled chubby and fair face (which when I try my darnest to remember now, I keep seeing a caucasian version of Ultraman.. WITH the mask on!)

When I peeked into the living room (which is next to my bedroom), I noticed the same face looking through the missing window pane and I freaked out.

My heart was pounding as I grabbed my phone and rushed to the middle room of the house and I stood there clutching my phone, my mind blank not knowing what to do next. I couldn't even think of WHO I could call at this time and I ended up sending smses to Ad, Puga and Sharil, hoping one of them would reply so I could call back (The bangang me was afraid of waking them up! Mangkuk punye Ayu!! Of course la pagi ni kene 'marah' with them sebab bleh fikir takmo kaco diorg tido in an emergency camtu..)

And of course la jugak, takde sape bgn if you sms je kan.. unless la tone for the sms tu nyaring and panjang giler, OR if it sounds like your alarm clock. It was only after a few minutes, after I calmed down a bit (Calm down pun, jantung cam nak terkeluar jugak.. I felt as if the intruder could hear my heart beat!) that I thought of dialing 999.

I couldn't even speak, I was almost in tears and my voice was so shaky, I couldn't recognize it but the operator was very patient and helped connect me to the nearest police station. By then, the intruder must've cabut la already kan.

The police officer called me as they headed towards my house and I guess he sensed the panic in me so he stayed on the line until they were in front of my house. After checking around, finding no one (Suprise!!), I went out to them to give the report. They were very kind and it helped to clear my mind a bit. I was a bit afraid if they thought it was a crank call since the intruder had fled but the pak cik police assured me he understood that maybe the intruder had ran away.

I didn't know if I was relieved (That it proves I wasn't doing a crank call) or more horrified (That there actually WAS an intruder) when we found the fingerprints of the person on my dusty window pane. When they asked me to describe the person, it took my whole will to not say "fair looking Ultraman with a mask as his actual face".

After triple checking, the officers asked me to go inside and lock all doors. I didn't sleep in my room after that but just stayed in the middle room of my house, willing the morning to come as quickly as possible. I even locked the middle room.. just in case!

Around 6.30am, I was brave enough to go outta the room. Besides, I had to perform my Subuh prayers. After I had finished, I noticed that it was already dawn so I bravely ventured outside. I didn't notice if the intruder took anything but there was a suspiscious puddle of I-dunno-what near the front tyres of my car. And from the looks of it, it was poured or something.. you know the small splatters of liquid you get when you pour something? THAT was what was around the puddle.

Now that its broad daylight, I feel a bit brave.

Three things bug me though..
1. Why was the intruder knocking on my window, as if intentionally wanting to wake me up?
2. Why was the light of my neighbours porch turned off when the police had arrived? You'd think they heard me scream or something but their house was very quiet when the police tried to peer inside their compound.
3. Why didn't I hear the sound of a car or motorcycle (if the inturder fled in it) while waiitng for the police to arrive?

I am sooo not looking forward to nightfall!

I am VERY, VERY, VERY grateful to Yee. After her incident with the P******** (why is it that we have problems with the foreigners here?), she had bought me and Ad some pepper sprays. Being the berlagak me, I had kept mine at school, sure that I won't need it but right now, I'm taking it everywhere I go!

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