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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Kodak moment :)

Uhh.. 2 entry berturut² pasal student hahah.. but actually, these are the things that make me smile these few days. And sesape yang tanye, why my YM status asyik, "Rase bes la plak..", its because of these kids.

During the year, I have my own class. I teach 2 classes for form 1, 1 class for form 2 and another class for form 3. But sometimes, I'd be asked to substitute other teachers who couldn't make it to their classes.

Anyway, after my previous class, while making my way to the clerks to hand in my attendance, I notice a 'commotion'. Turned out, some students who had just finished their science (rase nye laaa..) SPM paper had come to the tuition centre to meet Cikgu Thiru who had been teaching them science for the whole year. They were happily telling him that they could answer all questions and all that and I smiled while looking at Cikgu Thiru who is sure happy to have students coming to thank him (I know the feeling *smiles*). It was a whole group of boys so I just smiled at Cikgu Thiru then went on my way. Then..

"Cikgu.. cikgu.."

..dan Ayu masih berjalan.

"Cikgu Ayu!!"

Huh?!?! I turned to the group of boys and it was then that I realized they looked kinda familiar. Then they came to me and thanked me for teaching them and all that.. but all the while I was confused. I mean, I might forget the names of my students but I usually don't forget their faces. But I just couldn't remember where I had met these boys.

It was then that one of them said to me: "Cikgu tak ingat kat kitorang eh? Cikgu penah ganti kelas kitorang satu hari dulu.. cikgu ingat tak?"

Only THEN did I remember them.. but I was suprised they remembered me as I only taught them ONCE! And I'm sure I was a bit cranky at the time hahah.. Then one of them reminded me about something I had told them..

You see, they were in form 5, but they took a form 4 class. Some of the girls in the class were being a bit cruel about that fact and I saw how their faces had changed at the girl's remark. Looking at their crestfallen faces, I had told the class, I admire that group of boys because they had the courage to take this class even though they were being laughed at. I admired that group of boys because they wanted to excel and they were clearly striving for it. I admired those boys because I myself am not that brave to admit 'I don't know'.

God! That 'speech' lasted only for a minute.. but THEY REMEMBERED! And to think that sometimes I think that whatever I say, masuk tinge kanan, kluar tinge kiri..

And yes, once again I left my class smiling.. :)

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