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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A busy Sunday

It's 7.07pm and I'm still in school hehe..

Sebenarnye cam takde keje kan, padehal bleh je duk umah kemas umah.. tul tak?

Woke up to the usual Sunday cartoons on tv, and as usual, on Sunday mornings, I'm back to being an 8-year-old ngadap cartoon tak abih. Ended my tv marathon (which reminds me, the Penang bridge marathon tu arini ke?) at 12.30pm THEN baru pegi mandi hahah.. so what if I'm a kambing on Sundays, its not like I live with anyone else :p

Around 1pm I finished getting ready and headed off to Jusco. Iyer, ganti balik pegi Jusco time tutup aritu haha.. Bought some chicken, meat, marinated lamb and salmon. Also bought lots of veges (Hmm.. dah la liat makan sayur kan! Habis ke tak la sayur tu nanti) and dried mushrooms (thank God I live alone, klau tak boring sumer org asyik nak makan mushroom tu je).

Dishwashing liquid was also on the list and instead of my usual Sunlight (Iyerr, tau ade org boikot, tapi nak buat camne, thats the only dishwashing liquid that my manja hands tahan.. tried Axion the other day and mak aiii, mengelupas tangan²!) I tried the Jusco brand. Reason: Murah RM2 (Tu pun nak berkire ke Ayu?) and it should be gentle on the hands too. alos bought some snacks and was very tempted to go borong some chocolate but the guilt in me keeps reminding myself on my plan to lose some accumulated weight I gained a few months back *sigh*

Arrived back home around 2.45pm (Iyer, saya pegi sane untuk shopping barang rumah sahaje :p) and trus tukar baju to go to school. Reason being, arini bercadang nak kemas cube.

Actually, had planned to reorganize my cube eversince the incident with the I***ians yang telah mencemarkan cube ku ini with Nescafe but never got to it. Today however, feeling sick of seeing the sign "This is not a coffee shop" in front of my cube, I thought of saving my cards yang telah tercemar itu and to clean up my cube.

These are the cards yang half tercemar and especially after abg Fadzil and Ramadhan made the joke of that guy spitting his Nescafe on the cards (yang harus membuatku geli!), I've had mixed feelings of keeping the cards or throwing them away.. but the sentimental part of me insisted on keeping them (instead of displaying them until my next birthday.. which Ive been doing every year hahah.. esok nak birthday, baru bukak last year's cards to give way to this year's cards hehe..)

Then had a big smile on my face when reading back all the cards before keeping them back in their envelopes and stashing them somewhere safe (I hope!).. little things like this really make you feel loved *sengih like kerang busuk!*

After 'saving' my cards, started on clearing the drawers of this desk and wiping all surfaces I could reach (I'm short, remember!). Then rearranged my whaddyacallit book+file rack and realized there were a lot of odds and ends I don't use hanging around in there. After a few hours, I noticed the black rubbish bag I bought from home was satisfyingly full and that made me smile..

..but wait a minute!

Ni yang tak suke ni. After hours of slaving and feeling as if I've accomplished something, I suddenly realized: TAK BERUBAH PUN RUPE CUBE SAYA NI!!!

With all the rubbish I managed to put in the rubbish bag, I can't say that my cube looked a bit more 'organized' than before.. except for my cardless wall lah.. uhhh, sabo je laaaa..

So this is me, looking at the big, black rubbish bag and wondering why oh why does a whole bag of rubbish not help in changing the look of my cube!

Took some 'before' pictures tapi tak mo letak coz the 'after' pictures takde beze.. sedey tul!

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