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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


You know one thing I know I'd hate: People telling me they hate me..

You know another thing that I hate on a similar level: Telling people I hate them!

So it bugs me when I've tried to as politely as possible to say, "Actually, I despise you" with sugar coated words (sprinkled with a bit of pepper and horn salt* perhaps?!!?) AND to have that person say ,"Sorry, it won't happen again" causing me in to be in this false sense of relief for a few hours before they bug me to make me tell them I HATE THEM (or in this case, I HATE YOU!) again.

For God's sake, you don't expect my answer to different everytime you ask me the EXACT SAME QUESTION do you?!?! AND STOP forcing me to hate you even more!!!

My friend, Dzul recently had an entry in his blog. The title made me laugh at that time but I now realize, he is better at putting things into words as he had sum-up all my words here in two simple words:

Berambus boley?!!?

And dude, piss off will ya!

P/S Horn salt is a Norweigan type of salt. I think its similar to the smelling salt people use to revive people from faints

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