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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Something is VERY wrong!

Eating list for today

At home..
1. Small bowl of dadih (9.45am)
2. Medium-sized plate of greasy potato wedges (10.00am)
3. One mug of 3-in-1 Milo (10.00-ish)
4. 3 pieces of leftover Oreo cookies from yesterday (10.00-ish jugak)

Bandar Perda..
5. Plate of nasik minyak at Nomi's kenduri (2.15pm)

At school..
6. Coconut-filled bun (4.15pm)

Back home..
7. One slice of Secret Recipe's Classic Cheesecake (6.35pm)
8. Small-but-full bowl of salmon tomyam (7.05pm)
9. Small bowl of dadih (7.10pm)
10. Medium-sized plate of greasy potato wedges (8.25pm)

Giler banyak! And I thought that would be my meal(s) for the day until..

..rase nak makan burger laaaaa!

At school..
11. Burger daging special from burger stall in Pekaka.. yummy (Just a mere 5 minutes ago!)

Its a burger with the works ('The works' here means: Lotsa veggies *to cover up the guilt*, one whole egg and a slice of cheese!) and I WASN'T EVEN THAT HUNGRY BUT I FINISHED IT IN 3 MINUTES JE! Sheeshhh..

But just look at that melted cheese oozing outta the bun.. *salivates*

There goes my diet! And to think that I was wondering why my t-shirts seem to cling to my butt nowadays..

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