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Friday, November 21, 2008

Workstation tag?!?

This is a first hahah..

As tag yang buh gambo, this is my second la. Tp tak penah pun kene tag on my workstation. But there's a first to everything kan so here's my cube. Sorry that I can't display a neater cube hahah.. like I said a few entries ago, dalam dapat buang sampah satu plastik beg hitam besar tu, sy nye cube cam tadek beze pun.. Uhh, masih kecewe!

Anyway, this is the view of my cube dari pintu depan bilik postgrad. See the comics on my partition. Those are from I had pasted them during the final stages of my MSc as I kept being distracted by people peeping into my cube (Ye la, mine is the first visibly occupied cube so indirectly, I'm the kaunter pertanyaan for the room) Tp upenye lagi teruk! After pasting them, laaaaaagi ramai benti at my cube sebab nak bace the comics.. cehhh!

Ni plak view from abg Fadzil's cube. The entrance to my cube la kan.. iyerr, masih ade cartoons in front of it. Mane la orang tak benti bace Ayu oiiii.. very lousy idea la you had then haha.. Oh ye, bola dalam cube itu bukan untuk disepak ye. Given by Izati when she was still horrified by the idea I had watched football for a while. Atas skit tu is the sign I had put after the 'Nescafe incident'.. uhh, kecik la pulak rasenye!

Haaa.. lets get up close and personal with the sign here. Pic courtesy of Sharil. Tah bile tah dia amik gambo ni untuk dibuat bahan gelak. Huh.. tak patut!

This is my actually workstation. PC ni dah lame, eversince my MSc.. tapi dah orang bagi, amik je la kan.. Jangan complain banyak la Ayu heheh.. When I first started my PhD, Dr Farhan had asked if I wanted a new pc. Tp PC ni ade sentimental value la kot, siang malam ngadap mase writing for my thesis so sayang la jugak nak berpisah.

The bear on top to hadiah dari Yun for my 2* tak ingat birthday. The kangaroo and koala bear pulak adiah from Bebe when he went to Australia a few years back. Tetibe je dpt parcel and tengok ade 2 menatang cute ini. Sgt suke hehe.. Kat belakang those two, ade this musical frame from kak Wahid for my birthday jugak a few years back (jugek tak ingat birthday ke berape!)

Erkkk, adeh! tak pasan plak Oreos I makan tadi tak simpan before taking the pictures.

Di sebelah PC ku ini terdapat dinding ini yang mempunyai pelbagai bende yang tidak dapat dikategorikan. There's Yun, Ana, As and Afizal's addresses, a few quotes I like, IC numbers of Izati, Ikram and Adi (nape I simpan ek Adi?), acc num Izati (kes mintak duit lah ni hehe..), titles of books I want to buy, Dunkin Donut Garfiled card, the lyrics for the song My Wish by Rascal Flatts, picture of me and my siblings minus Iwan sbb dia tak balik raya time tu and another picture of us eating laksa at Farah's house, id and password for Neopets of Dgon and Ramlah, in case they ask me to collect their freebies, two colourful notes from Dgon to me (thanx Dgon! :)), ticket to Muzium Diorama Mahsuri (cut me some slack la.. 1st time I went to Langkawi nih heheh..) and a Melaka book mark.. errkk, ade lagi ke ek?

Eh, cable tenet tu nmpk la pulak hehehehehe..

This one below plak the wall near the 'entrance' of my cube yang nasib baik tak dirosakkan semase incident 'Nescafe' itu. Mostly it has souveniers my friends have given me, keychains, bookmarks and stuff. But what I treasure most is the photo collage here. It has pictures of my Carebears, me and our winning team for the JKR Treasure Hunt, me and my juniors during a motivational course at MRSM Transkerian, my degree convo with kak Wahid, the hands of me and my juniors during one jom-amik-gambo-tangan-reramai pose, a picture of us at the bus station where everyone had lowered their body a bit after I told them I hate being the shortest in the picture (Hahaha.. I love this!), a picture of me and arwah Tok Hassan, picture of me, Adi, Is, Uncle Maarof and Dayang eating durian at Menora and so many more. There's even passport pictures of me I had put chronologically which many times have been the butt of jokes here haha..

Oh ye, kenape Ayu byk kotak? The printer box is for when I have to return this printer to Dr Farhan (we had bought it with the grant.. agak² dia mau bg trus tak kat me nanti?!?!) and the smaller box beside it contains only half of the raw data for my MSc. Nak anto gi recycle centre sebenarnye tu.

This one plak is my file/book rack yang sungguh kurang buku. The read hard bound book is my MSc thesis, the other book are manuals I used in my study. HCM 94, HCM2000, MHCM, Arahan Teknik bla.. bla.. Eh, my undergraduate thesis pun ade la (But the one I 'curik' form Dr Farhan.. nak copy tak copy² lagik!). The files contain journals and papers yang sudah lame tidak berusik.

Erkk, baru pasan limau balik Yana kasik tadi ade atas tu tepi mug merah Lie kasik..

Oh ye jugek. Not all cubes ade settee cam mine. Ni sebenarnye from Dr Mail's room. Salleh kemaskan bilik abang dia pastu tatau nak buh kat mane so dia and abg Fadzil came with this 'bright' idea to put it in my cube since its the supposedly the counselling cube.. ceh! Last², jadi tmpt Ayu letak bag je hehe..

Heheh.. make habis la tag ku ini. And as tags go, I'd like to tag:

1. Adi, Ana and Mael (Depe ni kene buh name sekali.. tapi tag lain² naaa, tak aci sekali!)
2. Sentot (..and her new workplace!)
3. Ayeen.. nak tengok Inteliers nye workstation camne
4. Jida.. yours too!
5. Pojie jugak
6. Dr Dzul the dentist with the desk I've never seen
7. Dr Ina.. errkk, dia ni dok cuti lame, tatau ade workstation ke tak
8. Kak Zarina.. jauh tuuu
9. Lie.. pun jauh jugak
10. Sape lagi yang bace.. but please tell me, nak bace and tengok nanti hehe..

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