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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ni yang seronok jadi cikgu ni.. :)

Some people call it, sweet.. Some people call it adorable.. Others prefer the Mastercard touch by simply calling it: Priceless

..and it sure fed the ego of the teacher in me! :)

The class wasn't my class. I was just asked to substitute the teacher for the week, and it wasn't actually my favourite class as it was a tad too noisy for my taste (Yup, I've taught them before). Halfway through the class, I told them their teacher was coming back to teach them, and while some told me they only then knew I wasn't their teacher, another voice suddenly said out..

"Cikgu.. tak payah la ganti je kelas ni. Cikgu jadi la cikgu kitorang terus sampai habis.. Kalau cikgu jadi cikgu kitorang, mesti kitorang siapkan semua keje cikgu suruh buat.. boleh kan cikgu?"

THIS coming from a boy who usually just tiru the answers from his friend.. or rather, the whole group of them copy the answer from the same friend.

And to prove his point, he answered all my questions by himself.. making sure I KNEW he did it himself :)

Yup.. I agree!


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