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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kamek sik pandey kelakar Sarawak ♥ Pt 2

Photo credits to: Faizal, Hasrul, Dr Wan Hashim and Anim.. and my trustworthy phone :p

So the first day, woke up early for Subuh prayers haha.. usually I wake up around 6.35am (my actual alarm ni!) but here since Subuh was waaaaayy early, we had to wake up an hour earlier. Couldn't sleep after that so cepat² la kitorg bersiap for the day, wearing the t-shirt provided. Then we rushed to the cafe, in hopes of having breakfast Sarawak style.. tp kuciwa, makanan pagi di kampus same je with USM hahah.. (what do you expect, kan?)

*Still, sgt suke when I tasted popiah similar to the ones we usually get here but also full with mushrooms.. sedap wooo though bkn specialty Sarawak laaa.. but buleh try!*

Then while waiting for the bus, di kiri dan kanan la sumer org sibuk bergambar. Kitorg tak ketinggaln though this is a more subdued picture than what THEY were taking before haha.. sy tak terlibat dlm gambo bersungguh² k.. but I enjoyed watching bermcm pose dikeliling sy ☺

Then we took a group photo with the banner made for the program. See, sumer org pakai baju purple ini. Sungguh USM kan kami ☺

Arriving at UniMAS, we were taken around the school to their labs. Ade je la comments among us on beze antara their labs (baru and bersih giler.. but diorg pun tak ramai students) with ours (well-used and agak la buruk hahah..). Hepp! Rashid buat pe tu? Nak curik mould (baru and dlm plastik lagik tuuuu..) kasik kat Shahril ek.. wat ganti mould school kite yg buruk² tu :p

Ni kitorg plak yg ternmpk kunun baking tray (bleh buat biscuits :p), botol yg cantik (leh simpan biscuits) and segale bende for baking hehe.. Anim je baik, jeling je kat kitorg.

..and this was at the lab (ape ye? Hydraulic ke Geotechnical ek?). Behind us was a mobile obeserving station (not gonna explain more.. takut salah hahah!).

After penat round the school, we went to their meeting room for a session with Prof Wan Hashim, my ex-supervisor who made me cry buckets during my MSc hahah.. but thanx to him, my viva was a breeze! Still, masih suke menyakat student dia yg suke lari dari dia sampai students sane asked, "Sape Ayu?" Hahah..

We were given a UniMAS goody bag each and cube teke bende 'bes' we got inside yg dibuat main je dek Salleh ni :p

Then we mingled around with their postgraduates and was reintroduced to Sabrina (our guide), Quey and Christine, all whom are in this picture with us!

Lunch was a super big portion of ayam in nasik ayam, and still not a specialty of Sarawak but for a while, terpegun jap ngan ayam² yg besar itu hehe..

After lunch, we requested to see their postgraduate room yang giler lapang! Sgt menarik okay, terase cubicleku ini sgt tak best tetibe (But now I know I'll love you forever, dear cubicle of mine!). This is Sabrina's place.. bes kan! Tepi cubicle dia leh buat tmpt main futsal!

..speaking of which! Petang tu, after a few minutes of rest, we headed to the futsal centre in Taman Desa Ilmu or something like that for a match between us and UniMAS. I'm sure it was supposed to be a friendly match but THEIR ACTUAL TEAM was the one we were against!

Adoi laaaa.. sian adik² ku yg terpakse bermain dgn bersungguh.. as opposed to nak main suke² je hehe..

So inilah barisan penyokong dengan banner..

..dan penyokong tanpe banner hehe..

While ni plak our team.. or half of it la kot! Ade yg injured la ape la.. cian diorg.. dah la kalah! But takpe la kan, kite bkn ready nak main sungguh² pun.. korg still best!

Balik tu, we headed to this cafe yg sgt ramai org but a bit jauh from our hostel. Turned out, the food was quite good sane but what we loved was the view! Cantik wooooo..

Then mlm tu headed to bandar Kuching. Sgt excited to go take photos at the famous monument there and we learnt a new word: Pusak! Which meant 'cat' or Kucing ☺☻☺

Lepas puas taking pictures there, we walked to the Waterfront (lagi?) with Sabrina on tow as our guide yg takut sgt klau we hilang.. sian Sabrina melayan org² yg tak penah jejak Sarawak kan! Jenuh la cari kedai souvenier for things to take back home for loved ones and we spent sgt byk mase there.

By the time we finished, it was nearly time to go back to UniMAS so while we waited for the bus and the others to arrive, we went near the riverside to find some snack and were lucky to find this super delicious kebab. Even belanja Sabrina for being so patient with us haha..

Tu pun sempat bergambar near this boat..

..and here. Ni just to show how 'artsy' Sarawakians are. Cantik kan the susunan tiles here on the Waterfront ☺☻☺☻☺

We were in the midst of taking pictures when the others arrived so kak Win and kak Sue trus je lari join in the 'photo session'..

Then akhirnye memasing 'panjat' bus to go back to the hostel for the much needed rest after a whole day with activities.

Next: Mini colloquim, gi kedai pasu and batik.. and raya celebration at Dr Wan's

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