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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Skybridge KLCC

I know.. I know.. pasal Sarawak pun haven't updated and even our Alumni dinner pun blum. Ntah bile la nak update, jadik basi je nnt.. mau pulak next week (not up coming, but the week after) we'll be going for the Geomatics Camp in Teluk intan (?) for a week with the 2nd year students. Next Sunday will go with Zabidi utk survey² sites la kot (sy nak jalan je haha.. Zabidi lagi tahu kan pasal keje² ni!)

Nway, I have a good reason for no update on the dinner sbb kene mntk gambo from abg Fauzi or Sham first. I had my worthy phone with me (biarpun tadek flash :p) but tadek mase nak ngamik gambo nye..

So I'm gonna talk about what we did the next day ☺

Fared had arranged for some of us to visit the skybridge @KLCC. It was kinda exciting for me as
1. I'm NOT a KLite so tak pernah la jejak kannn
2. I'm a civil engineer.. duh!

So to those who ade hati nak comment secare bertulis, "Bkn ade ape pun skybridge tu.." or anything yg sewaktu dgnnye, sile 'swallow' those comments okay sbbnye to us yg pergi, even those yg mmg from KL, we kinda 'ooohh'ed and 'aahh'ed at the video the showed us on the construction of the Twin Towers and how the double-deck skybridge was 'nailed' between the towers.

As usual, a few pictures were taken la kan but I don't have them with me now hahah.. only managed to take a few pics as my phone agak la meragam jugak kan time tu.

We started from our hotel around 10.45am. Lucky for us, it was within walking distance sahaje so at least we had a chance to burn SOME of the calories obtained from the dinner the night before.. aci ke? Arriving there, we went around the exhibition room where the said video was being showed and the whole lot of us watched it mcm tengok blockbuster film hehe.. engineer nerds as we were la kan! I actually took a picture of almost the whole group watching it dgn sgt tekun (Dr Taksiah and Dr Choong akan berase sgt bangga okay!) but its in Dayah's camera la pulak.. lupe nak mntk!

Then, after being 'let in', we were shown yet another video on the skybridge but kali ni in 3D. There's a picture of us in the 'mini-theatre' you can see in Mas's blog. Yup, ALL in that picture were 'delegates' from the School of Civil Engineering ye ☺

Finally, we were ushered into a lift that would take us to the 40-something floor where the skybridge was situated..

..and the view was breathtaking (excuse the phone camera, k! ☻)

I took another picture but turned out the file was unreadable (and I only found out LEPAS kitorg dah turun.. sheesh!) Sgt cantik okay.. kalau la Hasrul ke Faizal ke Mazlan ke ade time tu, konpem camera mereka tidak akan berhenti snap!

We even got to see the 'pencuci tingkap' @work heheheh.. selalu tgk dlm tv je kan. Kinda seronok la pulak to see that this is an actual occupation and not one that you can only wonder about ☺

The skybridge span takde la panjang sgt.. beberape puluh meter shaje I think and there were no 'hotspots' to take pictures at. But since dah ade kat sane je kan, layan je haha.. since I'm from Penang/Perak, Salleh from Perak, Arep and Dayah from Johor, Sya from Pahang and Ija yang paling jauh from Sabah didn't think we'd ever come back here pun kan, musti la kene amik gambo, right! Hahah..

Had a good 20 minutes je pun up there but it was enough for us. At least we learnt something that day kan. Seronok pun seronok, knowing yg takdenye nak saje² pegi naik kannn so thanx to Fared for giving us 'school residents' a chance to go up there!

And yes.. dah nak balik pun sempat lagik bergambo with Ija and here ever-ready pose anytime anywhere hehe..

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