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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saat termalu sendiri..

Actually I have a few entries yg perlu dipublish but due to the malas-nak-tempek-gambo syndrome as well as the bile-dinner-ni-nak-selesai fever, its staying unpublished for now hahah..

Anyway, today is a very tiring day. Tak abis with the last minute preparations for the alumni dinner tomorrow but at least my part byk dah settle rasenye. So I was sitting in front of my PC, wondering if I should go home and get ready for my class or if I should try to upload the Sarawak photos.. then suddenly I remembered something that happened yesterday.

I didn't really want anyone to know about it, malu oooo hahah.. but then after telling Bai and Bart yesterday, then telling my sister who laughed till she cried, I thought, "What the heck!"

Yesterday morning, I woke up early to do some last minute chores for tomorrows dinner. Usually I take a nap after Subuh (I know, BAD HABIT but I'm trying to not do it already :p) but yesterday, I just got ready to go to school.

Old habits die hard okay so I guess I was still a bit drowsy as I got ready to drive. A few meters after going outta Taman Transkerian, while rubbing my eyes, I suddenly noticed my right hand on the steering wheel and was jolted outta a sudden realization. I made an emergency brake at this point!! Luckily there were no cars behind me..

What made me do this, huh?

In my head (and I'm 100% sure I exclaimed it out loud!), "Ya Allah, terlupe pakai cincin! Mati laaa.. mati laaaaa.."

(Actually at this point of the story, my sister Izati was laughing her head off!)

It took me a while to realize, sy mane penah ade cincin hahahahahahahahaha..

*sengih sambil garu kepale*

Malu okay, nasib baik sy sorg dlm kereta and takde sape menggunekan jalan tu di pagi hari smlm! I felt my face grow hot at the thought of what would've happened if someone else was carpooling with me.

I dunno what in world made me think of something like THAT and both Bart and Izati asked me the same question, "Mimpi ape mlm smlm ni sampai bleh perasan ade cincin kat tangan ni?"

I honestly have no idea. I slept like a log and don't remember ANY dream at all..


Gatal jugak sy ni rupenye ye hahahahaha..

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