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Saturday, October 03, 2009

A little bit of this and that..

Actually, still not in the mood to update for raya (rasenye langsung takkan ade mood dah ni kat hahah..) but I had a good one ☺

Still bersise² demam yg blum abis with my voice yg still ala² kambing but I've started teaching again. Sgt bosan okay bile tak mengajar so today sy mengharungi lah jugak panas dan tekak yg seperti berpasir ini demi anak bangsa (Over tul Ayu ni!)

Somehow, usually sy dah jarang melayan bdk² ni merepek merapu but hari ni, when they asked me for an open house, I BOLEY SETUJU!!!

What was I thinking?

Adeh! Now hafta think of a menu for them.. hambik ko, Ayu.. bersetuju tanpe berfikir! Dah la next weekend we'll be in Sarawak so we made a 'date' on the weekend after. Ye, I know, still have sufficient time to 'brainstorm' for the menu.. but?!?! Mampus kene kutuk klau tak sedap hahah..

Yesterday plak duk rumah je whole day. I felt a bit better actually on Thursday morning so I came to school for the undergraduate Geomatics test we did until 1pm. Usually we go find some shady area while the studetns do their thing but since today was an instrument setting test, we HAD to stay under the sun jugak la kannn.. and thus, demam balik la on Friday so decided to skip school altogether..

Didn't know what to do, the mati-kutu-syndrom dan² la menyerang kan time nak sgt ade alasan ponteng school so I went through my CDs and found Sound of Music.. yeay!

I really love this movie and tak pernah bosan watching it. It still makes me laugh as if I heard the joke for the first time and it still makes me cry as if I didn't expect those touching scenes.. AND, I can still sing along with ALL the song, sore like kambing and all haha.. alaaa, the whole street tu sy sorg je duk umah ape :p

Malam pulak since I had cancelled my class, was really bored so text my neighbours Arep and Salleh and turned out they were planning to go out pun. Ape lagi, I tak along je la haha.. and terjebak lah jugak membeli kete menan like them..

Okay lah, wanna stop now. My body still aching so I wanna take a nap jap before my class tonight (and try to think of WHAT TO COOK for my students nanti.. haishhhh, camne leh setuju nih?!!?)

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