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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kamek sik pandey kelakar Sarawak ♥

So I've procastinated long enough for my entry on our recent 'vacation' to Sarawak. Actually there were too many photos to choose from so before I forget, pictures in the upcoming entries need credit due to the individual photographers but since I've taken from so many, let me list them down: Faizal, Hasrul, Prof Wan Hashim and Anim.. just in case I forget.

Still, I think is gonna be broken down into a few entries hahah.. so this will be my first.

Initially we were told that the bus would pick us up at 10am on Saturday morning so I had cancelled my classes for the day. Imagine how annoyed I was when the time was changed to 8.45pm. The reason, I hated leaving my classes coz usually my students would ask me to repeat what the sub had taught them so sgt la buang my mase kan and sometimes the subs just goyang kaki in my class.. grrrr!

So of course la sy geram bile mase ditukar. I'd already cancelled my class and I couldn't possibly uncancel them as the subs had been told to take over my class already. Was dreading a whole day without anything to do until Arep suggested we go for raya ☻ So there we were on a Saturday afternoon, beraye makan nasik tomato @kak Hafsah's and pulut kuning Tmn Seri Emas feveretku @Shahril's.. sib baik ade activity!

That night pulak tak yah citer la.. Misscommunications menjadikan kami menunggu dgn boring and akhirnye bus bergerak nearly 11pm.

Fast forward to LCCT, we had breakfast there while checking in and finally got on board at 8.10am.. yeayy! My first time going to somewhere 'Malaysian' that is outside the peninsular ☺☻☺☻☺

Bla.. blaa.. blaa.. arrived at UniMAS and once we got our respective rooms, memasing tido hehe.. I couldn't sleep in the bus so mmg compensate la once dah mandi and all that. But baru nak lelap, Amer dah msg, "Ape ni kak Ayu, kat Penang pun boley tido.. rugi la dtg Sarawak pun nak tido!"

So that afternoon, while waiting for Dr Wan, Amer came to UniMAS, yeay! Our designated guide for the day since activities only started the next day and we were free from 11am onwards. Amer is the one wearing spectacles and diorg ni sibuk la nak bergambar ngan 'kete plate Sarawak' hahahaha..

Amer took us to the Waterfront (which became our favourite place throughout our stay there) sbb 'Amer tak tau nak bwk akak pegi mane lagi'. Hehe.. good choice though. There was this exhibition there so ape lagi, budak² ni memang suke bergambo.. tetibe Ayu ikut serta :p

Then tgk la si Sya and Faizal ni nak bertarung ape taaahhh..

And sbb nak sgt bergambar with something 'Sarawak', kat this shield pun jadik laaaaa ☺

Then, tetibe je bebudak ni ternampak this "Kempen Berbudi Bahasa" booth and tau ape diorg buat..

..teka silang kate! Sbbnye, sape dpt all the words, akan dpt adiah. Ni la antare muke² bangge dpt adiah niiiiiii..

Mlmnye pulak, we went to umah a friend of budak² ni, Nadya. Anak dia sgt chumel okay.. Baizurah, sile chop buat menantu!

It was here that we had our first taste of Laksa Sarawak and ALL OF US fell in love with it. Gambo je lupe nak amik sbb memasing sibuk tambah hehe..

Mlm tu tido sgt nyenyak la kaaaaannn.. but wait for tomorrow, hari yg penuh activity tuuuuu

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