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Saturday, November 21, 2009

AIGP.. or KKU to us old-timers

KKU stand for Khemah Kerja Ukur, something our school has made compulsory for all 2nd year students (during my time, it was for 1st years ~~ 'During my time'?!!? Aiyak, I feel so old la plak using that expression!). Now it uses an English name la pulak.. Annual I-dont-know Geomatics Programme something like that laa..

The few days before, we had to check the tools we were gonna take along.. sgt byk ok! The usually empty-looking geomatics lab seemed a bit 'messy' to our eyes then. Zabidi and Azam ngan bagusnye menyusun all the tools 2 days before and the day before pulak, me, Azam and Zulham helped him with the minor but many adjustments.

So that was where I was for the past week. Now safely back in USM though berbelang like a Zebra.. and tho I might moan and whine a lot in this entry, I actually had fun ☺

We went there on Friday morning, 3 buses from here and Zabidi asked us to get on one bus each (there were 3 GAs) but of course la kitorg tak mauuuu :D Me and Azim dengan degilnye naik bas yg same hehe..

The trip took around 3 hours since we weren't using the highway and sgt malu when midway, my bladder suddenly buat hal. At first I ignored it and tried to sleep, but after half an hour, tak boleh tahan laaa.. and dgn malunye mntk pakcik bus driver to stop at the nearest musolla or masjid. The driver wanted to stop at any petrol kiosk since he thought it would be more comfortable but then the seconmd driver mengomen, "Dah macam ayam nak bertelur dah adik ni.. berenti je kat masjid mane²"

Malu, okay!

Mau pulak the students sumer crane their necks nak tgk SAPE penyebab bus kene berenti.. and the USM bus behind us pun benti la jugak kann. Tahan la telinge dengar the driver of that bus tanye me, "Lega dah?"

Adoi laaa...

We arrived at Rindu Alam Motel around 12.00pm and proceeded to help with keeping all the tools in the 'bilik alat' (as we called a perfectly nice bedroom!)

After that we were given rooms to our respective rooms. When Zabidi gave me this piece of wood, I thought he was joking. I didn't realize how TINY our key was.. Membuat sy meragui keselamatan bilik kami ye!

That afternoon, it was raining so we had some briefing in the hall before retiring to our rooms and getting ready for dinner and the next briefing.. briefing aje kan!

The next day, I woke up early and skipped my usual nap after Subuh (Oppsss..) to get ready to go around the students' 15 work stations. I wore my sneakers and walked out while waiting for Azim to get ready, all the while wondering WHY was it that my usually 'loose' sneakers were quite comfortably snug.. but only on my right foot. I had a real fright when I realized a BIG, BLACK FROG had decided my right sneaker was a great place to spend the night.. ughhh!

Okay, maybe I exagerrated on the BIG part, maybe it was only medium sized, around the size of my fist.. but WHAT THE HELL WAS IT DOING IN MY SHOE? Huwaaaaaaaa.. sib baik la pakai socks or I would've scrubbed my foot dah lepas tu. 2 students became my knights in shining armour (one of them is someone both me and Azim agree to call 'budak ensem tu' hahaha.. Oppsss!) by shooing the 'thing' away.. though pastu I had to endure them shouting 'KATAK' at me everyday.. cisss!!

Still felt a bit geli-geleman when I remember it haha..

Anyway, our daily routine was mostly the same everyday. Breakfast at 7.30am then off to the 15 workstations were we usually did 2 rounds in the morning before doing our unofficial duty as the 'food patrol' in the dining hall. Then off for Zohor prayers and some quick rest before resuming our rounds and enjoying it since the sites were beside the sea and the afternoon breeze was such a welcomed friend! Around 5.30pm we'd go back fopr Asar prayers and usually stayed put in our rooms till Maghrib and dinner. At night we'd have sessions in the hall with the students and after supper, we'd go back to bed.

I forgot to take picture of the students at work. My favourite workstation was at this 'haunted house'.. not haunted la kot, but empty. Still, we called it the haunted house and there were so many mosquitoes around that the boys (fair skinned Chinese all of them) all got red in face haha.. cian diorg! Always mengadu whenever we go to their workstation.

Another favourite one was the school since it had small huts where we could sit around hehe..

My favourite time of the day plak was of course when we ended our rounds and were back in our rooms.. but it wasn't because I hated the work tau! Our chalet was adjescent to these group of Chinese male students and what we most look forward to is because these boys really love to come back and shout, "Sayaaaang, abang dah balik" (in Malay ye.. thats why I find it hilarious!)while acting as if they've just come back from hard work in the fields sambil mengelap² peluh with the small towels they wore around their necks. While some of their friends who came back early would act like 'wives' welcoming their 'husbands' home.. I can't help laughing at them! Hehe..

As for Zabidi and Pojie pulak, I guess THEIR favourite part was when they caught an ikan kerapu and habis la dok tayang at me hahah.. still dunno SAPE actually yg tangkap since both ngaku diorg punye kan but that night we had some very nice fresh ikan kerapu for dinner. I forgot to take the picture before and by the time I remembered, this was what was left..

Ni plak picture of us yg bored while listening to Dr Wan Aminuddin talking in front to the students. Here you can see berbagai gaye duduk from the technicians: abg Nizam, Zabidi, abg Junaidi and Pojie.

Ni plak a fellow GA, Azam..

Me and Azim takde la pulak gambo ye?!?!

Ni plak the students busy doing their work.. tp sbnrnye mlm tu diorg lawan CS sesame sendiri.. Zabidi pun leh tumpang sekaki plak tu..

The day before the last, we had a BBQ so bergotong-royong la menyiapkan bende for that night with some female students. Yg berdiri tu sumer sedang siang the ikan and sotong while yg duduk mengupas bwg..

Why I takde? Heyy, baru lepas contract membasuh ayam okay! :p Kire baik lagi la dari Pojie yg ngaku AJK arang so tak yah tolong memotong. Yg tak tahan tu, bleh la bising kate nak tangkap kerapu lagi mlm tu byk² so bleh tambah utk bakar (ade hati!!). Yg ayat tak leh blah tu is,"Nnt sy tangkap byk nnt, silap² ikan yg dah basuh ni pun kene hantaq balik!"


Then that night, membakar lah kannn. Those two Chinese students in white tu mmg amik contract membakar la.. sgt rajin diorg!
While kawan² diorg in a dorm we call Satu Malaysia (sbb sumer kaum duk bilik tu ☺) did some entertainment by singing giler punye kuat from their rooms beramai². As for the finale, they nyanyi at the balcony beramai² ala Evita Peron la tu kunun.. tp nyanyi lagu Menara Ilmu (USM official song). Wish I bought my camera for THAT! Sgt bes tgk hehe..

Mlm tu, after some presentations from each group, rasenye sumer tidur ngan sgt nyenyak hehe.. breakfast next morning tu pun brape kerat je yg bgn. And btw, the mak cik masak sgt sedaaaappp!

That morning, all students were asked to clear their workstation from and rubbish they may have made and to throw the wooden pegs they had used. As for me and Azim, we went on a 'donut sedap' mission :p

Around 12.00pm, we were ready to go back to USM. Bags were stacked into the 3 buses and our school's Hilux (ni Azam and Zabidi tgh pakai kasut.. dedicated to Azam who asked, "Kak Ayu tanak amik gambo sy pakai kasut?" Hahaha..)..

..and the students had all sat down in the seats, ready for the journey home. But..

Ya Allah, nasib baik tak gerak lagi! Aci ke, all tools sumer org lupe!

16 Total Stations (Worth RM75 000 each)
20 Theodolites (Worth puluhan ribu jugak)
20 Levelling Tools (Around RM 7 000 each rasenye)
20 sets of tripod
16 pairs of prisms
20 staffs

Turun la balik bus to load all those in the bus balik.. uhh, sabo je la sumer org hahaha.. sib baik ingt!

Arrived in USM around 3.30pm kot. We had to arrange everything back in the lab before going home but believe me, I had the best sleep that night hehe..

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