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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm in serious need of chocolate!

I used to be a chocoholic.. a very bad one (but one that the chocolate industry would welcome with open arms hehe..). My secret stash would usually consist of at least two large bars of chocolate and my bag usually holds a small bar or two. I'm not picky, any brand would do but my favourite was the usual: Cadbury.. though a tad too sweet for some, it was the best for me.

I became known for this that my housemates and close friends became my 'suppliers' haha.. I was always game to try any new chocolate thus turning me into their guinea pig when Nestle came out with those mint crystals chocolate and hazelnut praline ones, and even when my friends hated them, I loved it! Dayah, Yun, Shakir IM, Awa, kak Wahid were among the people who understood my love of chocolate and even indulged me in more than a few occasions ☺

Mind you, during those years, I never gained any weight (Ironically, I gained weight after I stopped being a chocolate-addicted chick!) and I'd hold on to any articles on the pros of chocolate (antioxidant la, ape la.. whatever!) just so I could answer back to Yun whenever she 'scolded' me on this. Truth was, those mengarut goodness of chocolates aside, I just loved the taste ☺

But as years went by, I started to realize that I could actually live without chocolate.. suprise²! My never-ending supply for the secret stash started to disappear as with the bars in my bag. The next thing I knew, I had gone 1 month without chocolate. Then the 1 month turned into 3 months, and the 3 months turned into 4 to 5 months. I still had to have a fix of chocolate every now and then, but I was no longer setting aside a 'chocolate budget' for the month.. and I survived! Even at the time of the month, I no longer needed chocolate.

But these past few weeks have been such a rollercoaster of feelings, that I find myself literally crawling to the doors of stores just for a bar of chocolate! Chocolate has never been my saviour but now it seems like I can't live without a small bite of it every few days. In fact, I just came back from 7-11 for another dose of this.

And since my digestion and metabolisme rate is not as it used to be (Okay, for once I admit I'm getting older.. though I'm still 16 next year =p), this is quite alarming la to me hahah..

How ah, to stop?!?!

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