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Monday, November 02, 2009

Cupcake disaster :(

Its been a while since I last practiced my cupcake making. I had planned my next projects around my last day with my students (kalau sempat buat la..) and a friend's birthday (which is waaaaay at the end of December). Initially, we thought we'd 'get over' with our fondant class but tadek rezeki so couldn't practice on that yet la.. sbb tu kot takde semangat sgt hehe.. <--lousy, lousy excuse!

But then, my old friend Yun called and asked if she could sleep over for a few days at my place and since she's been avidly following my 'progress', I thought I'd try an experimental recipe on her. It was also kak Sue's birthday yesterday so since I could usually make 2 sets in each batch, I felt it was a perfect arrangement..

..or not!

The first 'bad' thing that happened was, I only realized I had run outta my usual souffle cup size AFTER whipping up the cake mix. Sheesh! I thought I still had a lot of those lying around. I was left with slightly larger cups which I'm not quite used to yet. Thus.. cupcakes were on the 'shorter side'. Just like me, huh!

Aiyoooo.. I seriously need practice on this cupcake size! At least the filling turned out okay.. but the cupcakes weren't something I would be proud of.

Then, when my cupcakes turned out a bit 'shorter' than expected, I had to cover it up with too much cream I guess.. and by the time I finished putting on the base for the toping, I was left with buttercream yg sgt cipuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttt! Of course la now couldn't do any fancy schmancy deco la kaaaaannnnn.. (not that I'm good at fancy deco pun!)


But thank God for friends who don't care wether you've messed up or did a great job! Yun still raved about the cuppies though I was already close to tears by 2.00am this morning.

But to kak Sue: Sorry tak dpt bg yg lagi elok. Sy dah plan mcm² deco dah ni, siap ade theme 'Nature' lagik tp.. uwaaaa.. kuciwaaaaaaa! Hrp kak Sue suke ye..

Note to self: Stock up on those souffle cups.. and practice other cupcake sizes!

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