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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sarawak ♥ Pt 3

Photo credit here to Faizal je kot?!?! Dr Wan and Hasrul nye gambo I'm not sure ade skali tak in this entry.

Our third day also found us getting up early for the mini colloquium at UniMAS where a few papers (mine included tho I tak present :p) were to be presented from both universities. But at first, both campuses 'showed off' their multimedia presentation on their respective schools hehe.. Lepas tu, bermule lah sessi where ade times we'd tahan ngantuk and other times we'd listen (klau interesting la :p)

Ni si Faizal tgh garu kepale (paham ke idak ape org dpn ckp tu tak tau la kannn)..
..and si Dayah and Sha yg nyempat je bergambo kt blkg tuh! Ape yg diorg eje tu :p

Then as usual, a group photo before tea break (VERY sedap okay! Tp tatau name kuih tu.)

After the 'academic session' of the trip, we headed back to the hostel to change and get ready to go jalan² before going to Dr Wan's open house that night. First stop was to this pottery. Memasing la carik bende² ala² Sarawak to take home. Some of us beli sampai berkotak tuuu.. I didn't plan to buy actually but in the end, beli jugak just for keep sake ☺

Then after paying, I went out only to realize there was this place reserved for anyone to try their hand at pot-making (the decoration, NOT the drug!) I wanted to try at first but mmandangkan I was wearing a white t-shirt, hasrat itu terpakse dipendamkan but here's Dayah trying a hand at it..

We were supposed to go back to the hostel after that but somehow someone managed to pujuk our guides and the bus driver to take us someplace else.. any place would do! Hahah..

So we were taken to this row of shop houses which boasted some batik craft.. only to be disappointed to see Indonesian batik there which is easily obtained in the peninsular.. alahaiii, jadik laaa.. Had to go down this trail to reach the shop..

..but NO pictures kat dlm kedai la pulak kan! Had planned to find some Teh Si Peng (recommended to us!) but tak jadi when we noticed the coffeshop there wasn't a Muslim one. Wouldn't have minded much if we didn't see bottles and bottles og beer on the table.

Balik tu, got ready to go to Dr Wan's house. An incident happened in the guys room haha.. Not telling but this is a clue of it:

Then boarded the bus to Dr Wan's abode. Was hoping for Sarawakian food but got 'normal' food haha.. hey! Who are we to complain, Dr Wan buat open house for us tu dah kire cukup bersyukur dah. And especially since we found another batch of Hati Pari here (fell in love with this traditional Sarawakian cake at Nadya's).

So here's some picture during the 'eating session'..

..and here

..and here plak the internationals yg mewakili PPKA. Ramadhan (Acheh), Wesam and Bashir (Palestin) and Saeed (Somalia)

These plak after memasing dah kenyang (and lepas memasing plan mau tapau Hati Pari dlm handbag hehe..)

This plak is Aminur Rashid (Malaysian and fellow USM student) and Aminur Rahman (Bangladeshi ke mane tah.. and UniMAS student!)

..and Faizal yg dok boring sambil men ngan tutup lens! (Sbnonye dr siang tu lagik diorg dok men camni hahah..)

Lupe plak.. intorducing our photographers: Hasrul and Faizal! Sian diorg takde sape amik gambo diorg kan sbb diorg je asyik amik gambo org so here, I put you guys in my blog! ☺☻☺

Then another group photo before balik. Berlatarbelakangkan the wall clock AcePRO bought as a farewell gift to Dr Wan ☺

And another group photo with almost all participants in it.

Sampai hostel, we couldn't resist the lure of this beautiful bridge at the lake in front of the hostel so we went there berangan² mau tangkap gambo la kan.. Jadik la kaaannn..

..and kat bus stand pun sempat lagik tu! Heheh..

Pastu ape lagi, sampai je bilik sumer trus diselubungi slumber yg nyenyak ☺

Next: Ramah Tamah UniMAS Open House, ikan terubuk masin at Pasar Satok, Muzium Kucing (as in Cat Muzium), DUN Kuching and kek Lapis Sarawak (Hati Pari pun ade ☺)

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