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Saturday, November 28, 2009

On cupcakes.. again! =p

People ask me why I don't sell them. My answer is simple:

Sy tak pandai lagi =p

Besides, I prefer doing this for fun. Thanx to a few friends who've given me the chance to practice on my non-existant skills especially kak Shima who was the first to trust me do make some for her sister, Linda's, birthday a few months ago. I was terrified but she assured me that she was confident in me haha.. thats my sister ☺

Anyway, yesterday in the wee hours of the Aidiladha morning, I made another custom-made request for Shahril's sister. She married and they wanted to bring something to the groom's house for the reception on his side.

I'm used to bringing my 'experiments' to school.. and sometimes when I have leftover cupcakes, I also bring them to school, knowing people would eat them regardless of how buruk I decorate them or how tasteless I think they are (They joy of having a 'family' in this school hehe..) but to make an actual custom made order is not something I enjoy. Still, as with kak Shima, he was also confident in me.. adoi laaaa..

And it so happened, I had just started experimenting with these instant fondants. In fact, I had just recently asked Sya for some tips since she had started experimenting earlier along with Dayah. We DO plan to take classes for these but haven't got the chance to learn it properly yet.. thus, the experimenting!

And just so you know, we haven't done any moulding. Only experimenting on using cutters. so this is the result of my first attempt:

Ughhh, I suddenly hate the colour and how it looks. I told him earlier that I think it was a disaster so someone should go find a proper nice cake while the shops are still open. Really need to practice more and experiment more.. *sigh*

Leftover cupcakes were decorated very² simply, especially since I was frustrated by the outcome =( Though my family (I urged them to take those cupcakes back home) loved them, thats what families are for kan..

I still have some leftover fondant that I'm not sure what to do with.. any ideas?

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