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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sweet yummy MOCCA!

Did any of you catch the 8tv Quickie a few nights ago featuring the Indonesian band, Mocca?

My motto in song-listening is: If you're not on the radio, I'm not gonna listen to you! I'm not the type to listen to all songs I could get my hands on, I usually stick to the radio-friendly ones and sgt la jarang for me to listen to other songs. If you go through my songs folder here, chances are you WON'T see songs that are not typical songs on the radio. So don't be suprised if I have this dumb expression on my face whenever you talk about any singer/bands that you really like.. sorry! Its just me..

However, flipping through the channels one day, I watched Prem raving about Mocca. I'm sure I've heard about them, but only through Adi's mouth rasenye. Since I was waiting for another show to go on air, I just sat through it.. and was I suprised!

They were singing a single from their album (a fews ago punye rasenye haha..), The Best Thing, and I LIKED IT! I meant to search for this song but never got around it until this Monday. I was waiting for Zabidi to send me the name list of students taking Geomatics so while I was waiting for the email ala² snailmail to 'arrive' in my mailbox, I found the song (and the title.. actually, I didn't know the title that night when they sang on Quickie)

While listening to it, I tried to listen to other songs from this group and found that I kinda liked them hehe.. the chumel² kinda songs with the likes of Ingrid Michealson's The Way I Am and Lenka. Terus jatuh chenta, okay! Nyesal didn't search earlier when Adi first mentioned them centuries ago hahah..

Also found out (and guessing I'm the last to know), this song 'Secret Admirer' was once used in a Malaysian ad though I'm still trying to remember which ad. Help me, I go crazy when I can't remember things like this!

Sgt chumel la lagu² diorg.. and kinda figuring out how old they are coz the singer (Arina or Ariana tah name dia.. didn't listen much when Prem was interviewing them) said something about being more than 10 years in showbiz but have formed the group around 4 years before that.. so mesti dah tak la mude² sgt kan diorg nih?!?! Sbb she said they knew each other in college.. pening doing the math here (and what is it with my obsession with their age? Simple: The singer nmpk cam umo 21!)

Currently sedang dgr their songs dgn perasaan mcm budak sekolah hehe..

The Best Thing

I've got the best thing in the world
Coz' I got you in my heart
In this cruel little world
Let's hold hands together
We can share forever
Maybe someday the sky will be coloured with our love

I wake up in the morning
Feeling emptiness in my heart
This pain is just too real
I dream about you, with someone else
Please say that you love me
That we'll never be apart

You have to promise that you will be faithfull
And there will be lots and lots of love
It is the thing that really matters in this world...

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