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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oven in use ~ KEEP OUT! Heheh..

After a whole day of rest on Friday, coming back from Ayer Tawar, I was kinda bored come Saturday. Yes, I had my extra class for my fifth formers but after that I had a whole lot of time to myself.. and yes, I know, I'm also avoiding the 'kenape tak concentrate PhD during that free time' heheh..

Tetibe terase oven memanggil² (Okay! Thats scary since I live alone!) and voila, I decided to experiment on orange cupcakes with choc chips. Usually when making orange cakes, I use the good ol' Sunquick but I wanted to try out the orange paste I found at the bakers shop. The end result wasn't so bad but I'll stick to Sunquick next time ☺

Cupcakes were given to Yun&Salwa @ UniMAP since I promised them, to my best critique who readily volunteered and to Fared for his belated birthday. Only remembered to snap some of Fared's coz I was also experimenting on two new colours.. the supposedly Navy Blue and Gold.. tp takde rupe pun kan (sile abaikan the design yg buruk!)

Then last night made another experimental batch. I love haw flakes in the kek lapis so I decided to pun some in cupcakes and see how it turns out. Also added some leftover strawberry paste I noticed in the kitchen. Verdict: needs more hawflakes! ☺

Cupcakes given to Ad's twin sisters for their 16th birthday today.. Been meaning to do rainbows eversince I discovered giler byk colours at the shop we go buy baking thingeys but always malas to try (I also berangan wanna do some ladybugs but tak reti. One day I'm gonna try one with the sun and rainbow and stars hehe..)). Mlm smlm thought, try je la.. syg nye my awan tak jadi. Sgt buruk so cover up with the jumob heart haha.. aci ke?

..and around the campus! (Ni keje nak ngabiskan buttercream ni.. and yes, still no estethical value :p)

Now thinking on how to do something for a friend.. hmmm..

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