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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Ayer Tawar

Currently I'm the GA for Geomatics. Thats why I'm usually busy on Mondays and Thursdays. I generally love these classes.. the only downside to it is that I'm usually very 'tanned' by the end of the semester.

Anyway, last year I wasn't told to be present in the Geomatics camp as I was the only female in the group. However, this year since I have Azim (a girl tau!), Dr Sanusi and Dr Wan Aminuddin asked us all to go for the 7-day-long Geomatics camp at Ayer Tawar.. when Zabidi asked me if I wanted to tag along when he did the setting of the baseline, I quickly agreed. I've never used any other sophisticated tools in that lab and was itching to try it out. We asked Azim and Azam to go along as, even if it was a two-man (or women) job, at least we were left in pairs at each point.

The journey took 3 hours (biar betul?) using the jalan lame and me and Azim who were sitting at the back of the Hilux sgt la tak selesa dilambung². And sampai je, we trus cari kedai nak makan hehe..

Around 1pm, we started our job to find suitable points to set the baseline. We found the 3 points we wanted but one was to be marked with some cement mix we took from the Concrete Lab. So here's Zabidi after finishing the first point. Somehow, boleh kitorg oohhed and aahhed at the cemented spot.. aparaaaa bdk² postgrad Awam nihh..

Then me and Azam went to 'take care' of the first point near the main road. This is the tool we used (please do not ask me what it is) but has GPS and measures the bearing of those three points.

Sgt cam perak ok, main ngan alat tak penah pakai heheh..

Anyway, around 5pm dpt la berenti solat and siap to go back to campus. We were in the sun for around 3 hours only, and I sudah berbelang okay.. kaki, tangan (sape suh pakai 3quarter lagik) and muke.. camne la nak duduk sini SEMINGGU!!

Well, we'll see! Rashid dah cadang for me to take a before and after photo hahah.. cait!!

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