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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sarawak ♥ Pt 4

Photo credit to Faizal, Dr Wan, Hasrul and my phone (gambo² buruk tu dia laaa..) :p

Wednesday was our third day in Sarawak. Today we had NO academic session, only jalan² sessions ☺☻☺☻☺

Early morning, we woke up to get some breakfast. Actually we were invited to the Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri in UniMAS but we we too hungry to wait for 10.00am (which was more or less like 11.00am here.. no wonder la kitorg lapo kan!) This was when I got my first (and last) taste of the popiah with mushrooms. Seriuosly wanna try make them.. tp popiah biase pun sy tak reti buat, camne tu?

So had our breakfast and while waiting for the bus, mcm² gambo la kan di amik mereke. Gambo tgh nak naikkan bendere la ape la.. mcm² hehe..

Sampai je bus, all of us serbu with only one thing in mind: Nak carik makanan Sarawak! And nak tapau (dgn tak malunye) Hati Pari lagik ☺ But when we arrived, we were more distracted by the deco of the 'open house'. They really take it seriously here. Sgt cantik and meriah..

Then we took off. Memasing dpt tugas haha.. to find something different. There are a few pictures of the food we got here but I'll post it in another entry.. ni pun dah byk dah ni weihhh! Ingtkan perangai buruk ini tiade yg nmpk but we were caught red handed by non other than Dr Wan himself haha..

..mesti dia malu tgk ex-student² dia merate carik makanan hehe.. The staff there were helpful too when they knew we were from Semenanjung so they pointed out to us their specialties.

When we finally sat down, we had a variety of food in our hands.. and with the help of Sabrina and Afnie (both of whom are our guides), we got to know a bit about the food.

Pastu, bile kenyang, mcm² la kan. Take Rashid and Faizal here. Here's Rashid mengintai klau this booth ade makanan yg different lagi..

..then him and Faizal buat ape laaa ngan the deco from this booth. Boleh?

Ish ishh.. tudung saji di buat main. Konpius org UniMAS tgk bdk² USM nihhh..

Then as usual: group photo!

After being given half an hour to get ready in the hostel, we started our jln² session. The first stop was Pasar Satok..

..and what did we find here?
Jeng.. jeng.. ikan terubuk masin! I didn't wanna buy any since I'm not a fan of salted fish.. but Anim and Rashid telah mempengaruhi minda sy ini :p Then, further in the market, we found what we've been wanting to find eversince we went to Nadya's : Laksa Sarawak paste! Yeayyyy!!

But here we were,. tak puas ati with the kakak selling it sbb tetibe dimahalkan harge paste itu setelah beliau menyedari kami nak beli byk (10 packet sorg.. and the were what? 7 of us?!?) Trus je we gi kedai sebelah dia yg jual harge standard.. hambik ko kakak! Heheh..

After that, we went to the Cat Muzium (Muzium Kucing)..

This is the entrance hehe.. sgt chumel kan!

..and 'anak² kucing' ini jugek sgt chumel, right! :p

This is the view after you step through the entrance..

..and this plak a 'view' special for my brother, Adi ☺

We went around looking at.. you guessed it: CATS!

..and cats in pictures!

Tgk je Dayah, nampak aje camera no matter how you try to hide!

Pastu, they took us to DUN Kuching yg sgt cantik. But it was past office hours (mcm la klau opis hours diorg nak kasi masuk pun kan) so we took photos out there je, but syarat! Spent only about 15 minutes there.

And the highlight of the day: Operasi mencari Kek Lapis!

Sile la tgk budak² USM ni cam lapo tak penah jumpe makanan hehe..

Actually, they had this long table where they serve their variety of kek lapis for us to taste before buying. I liked this non-lapis cake named Cadbury which was VERY chocolatey (bought 2 of it). Then bought another 2 of Horlicks kek lapis, 2 Hati Pari (yeayyyy.. dpt pun!), 2 Sisik Ikan (which is very yummy! Byk giler asam they put in it and sgt cantik the pattern!) and 2 more Sutera Ungu (which is like Sisik Ikan without a lot of asam.. but enough to make it yummy!). The choices were too many and I forgot what most of them tasted like by the time I came at the end of the 'tasting table'.

Then after penat memilih kek (and buying a bit more of those laksa paste :p), we went to a restaurant within walking distance from the kek lapis shop and ordered our first mee kolok with teh si peng! Yummy..

Kedainya itu juge sgt cantik tau!

After that, 4 of us (me, Sya, Ija and Dayah) telah naik the penambang to go across the river to the Waterfront :p Promised Amer we'd meet him there and spent some time at the shops there to buy other things to bring home. Mlm tu Amer la anto kitorg balik ke college..

Next: Kampung Budaya!!

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