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Saturday, November 07, 2009

I really need to practice my cupcake deco! :p

Just got back from my final class for form 5. Alahaiiii, pas ni tak jumpe dah kot budak² tu. Tetibe sy rase sgt la syg ke diorg, wpun selalu je gaduh ngan diorg² nih..

*sebak tetibe?!?*

Anyway, since agak la sengkek at this time of the month (bile la nak dpt duti tuition nih), I couldn't actually belanja them la as I would've prefered. Still, after going through my kitchen, I found that I could manage to whip up a batch of chocolate muffins.. yeay! 2nd try here.. and still learning. Somehow I still find them a tad too sweet.

So thats what I did this morning. After Subuh went to Pt Buntar market to find some yummy nasik lemak for breakfast (seriously, this kakak's nasik lemak is very fragrant.. amik bau nasik pun bleh kenyang.. okay! Tipu there!!) then back home after eating, trus sit down to make them. Got quite a lot and am thinking of giving some to abg Junaidi for his transfer to Kubang Kerian in the middle of this month.

Anyway, after baking them, I started on the frosting.. and I noticed something! Sy ni sgt la suke buat base kaler putih ye! Sungguh tak berkembang haha.. and sungguh tak menarik! Aiyooo.. I also realize I've no new ideas whatsoever for deco and I keep repeating old designs. Ishhh.. ape ni Ayu?

Thats why I tried doing the butterfly one.. BUT, it turned out sgt buruk okay. So to cover up the burukness, I had put chocolate chips on the butterflies which turned out to be a mistake because lagi buruk jadi nye.. So I added those hearts (yg seriuos tak sedap but good for deco) but also managed to memburukkan lagi..

Adoi laaaa Ayu!

Sib baik la my students baik je. Terime dgn redhanye hasil tgn cikgu nye hahah.. Yg Haziman, Nazreel and Hazril whom I met in USM after class (they didn't come to my class due to a History Workshop), tak tgk pun, trus makan je.. huh!

So to my students (ade ke yg bace blog sy ni?): Good luck for SPM! I wish you all the best, okay ☺☻☺☻☺

~Miss Ayu~

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