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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Basic cupcake deco class with kak Ana ☺

This was supposed to be the entry for yesterday before I was rudely interrupted by the Osmanphobia. I was really looking forward to writing about this as it was a fun class for all of us (me, Ija and Sha)

Anyway.. ☺

Dayah was the one who was excited about the class. It started when Sha had wanted to order some cupcakes for her engagement so she had asked me some if i knew anyone who could help her and I gave her the two usual numbers I give everyone else, kak Wan's and kak Ana's. In the end, since kak Wan couldn't deliver them, Sha had ordered from kak Ana and I guess Dayah was excited on the prospect of the classes that kak Ana dia in her free time.

Kak Ana ni plak I knew a year ago. Bulan August la jugak coz it was then that Ana decided to suprise me with some chocolate strawberry cupcakes. You can find kak Ana's fotopages entry on this here and my own entry on this here and here. So when Dayah asked if I wanted to join, of course la takkan lepaskan peluang kan ☺

I grew up watching Mama doing our own birthday cakes. Kitorang mane penah beli dulu, semua Mama buat. Fondent tak fondent, my siblings birthday cakes were made from royal icing and all the likes of fondent, thanx to Mama. And this was when we were smaller, especially during primary. She also did the hantaran cakes for my older cousins dulu. I have a picture of my 6th birthday cake somewhere and I'll post it in this blog on of these days. I just wish Mama would still do it coz without being biased, I think she's good at it! Nape la tak turun kat anak ek hehehe..

Anyway, after a few cancellations (ade ke perkataan nih?) we finally confirmed our presence (eceh!) for the 7th August class.. yeay! Dayah je last minute tak dpt gi sbb balik kampung due to the cuti H1N1 hehe.. trus je dia malas nak balik sini. Kampung jauh kaaaannn.. kat Johor tu! So only me, Ija and Sha remained.

We arrived near kak Ana's house after Jumaat prayers and tumpang her house for our own solah. Sembang² kejap before she started the class. she had prepared the cupcakes beforehand but she demonstrated a bit on the cupcake making. A bit different from how I do it since i usually cream the cutter with sugar first before putting in the eggs. Kak Ana nye style was to beat the eggs with sugar plak dulu.. belajar bende baru kan ☺

Pastu kak Ana showed us how to mix the buttercream. Nak mixnye senang je.. nak cari bahan tu macam sakit pale skit! *Sy tgh berangan nak beli mixer.. selame ni buat cake pukul tgn je. Tp jadi je cake sy tau heheh.. Tak caye, cube tgk balik cake² and cheesecake² yg sy dah wat sblm ni. Jadi pe hehe.. cume sgt lenguh la memukul the ingredients ngan tgn, switching the hand beater dari tgn kiri ke tgn kanan and vice versa*

Then came the exciting part: decorating them! Heheh..

We each bought some nozzles from kak Ana. Nak carik sendiri guarantee malas kan.. I guess I could ask Mama for her old ones but what if tetibe dia semangat nak buat balik? *cross finger* I'm planning to pujuk her to do Adi's wedding cake, aci?

Some nozzles tu I kenal sgt la hehe.. a lifetime of watching Mama made me smile as memories started coming back to me of us perching on chairs all around Mama while she did her masterpieces but the first type od deco kak Ana taught was with one nozzle yg sy tak penah tengok Mama pakai pun.

Okay, before I 'show-off' mine, sy terpkase la minte maaf ye for the quality of the pictures. Bese la, ancient phone kaaaaaann.. I have better pictures by Ija's phone yg tak amik lagi from her tp tak sabo dah nak masuk dlm blog ni so bear with me, k heheh..


Hehe.. chumel tak my Cookie Monster yg tak berape jadik ini heheh.. Org lain punye sumer lawa² but I think I have what kak Ana said as tangan keras! Aci? Kene practice lebey nih..

For the second one, memang rezeki kitorg lah. Someone came to deliver an edible picture for one of kak Ana's cakes and she got the small round edibles of Disney Princesses and Upin Ipin. Kak Ana generously gave us one each (mahal oo bende alah ni, RM16 for an A4 size ek kak Ana?) for our second deco and of course la sy pilih Upin Ipin yang chumel itu ☺

Mat tgk ni trus berkenan hahah.. takpe la, bg je kat dia wpun mulenye sy aim nak simpan yg tu untuk diri sendiri. We just did the border around the edible picture for this one sbb gambonye pun dah chumel kan!

Then third one we did a clown mcm selalu nmpk kat bakeries tu kan. Nmpk mcm senang but my tangan keras menyatakan sebaliknye hehe..

Ade cam clown dlm citer It zaman 80an dulu tak? :p

The next one was pink rosettes. Sy rase kalernye sgt la sweet ☺ and kak Ana taught us how to do the leaves. Silap le pulak sy lupe amik the individual picture for this one. She let us do two each.. mebbe sbb yg first tu sumer org nye cam ala² tak jadi hahaha.. Mine yg jadik I gave to Ad sbb it reminded me of that sweet girl ☺

And my favourite one came next. It was the easiest one la kot, I think but I like the colour and the fact that kak Ana gave us a fondant red heart each.

Cantik kan! The colour mcm sgt la sweet and rase syg nak makan (not that I like buttercream that much pun, mesti buang punye haha.. but for deco, cantik laaa!) Sbb tu kot yg ni sy bg kat Shahril plak since nmpk je dia berkenan yg tu. And besides, I know he appreciates bende² camni since dia pun suke ke dapur gak.

The next one kak Ana taught us this nozzle panjang ni. You can do daisies or ribbons with it tp sy punye mmg tak jadik langsung. Serius! Mcm malu je tgk yg tu and had already chup that for myself tanak kasik org but suprises of suprises, Mat nak yg tu hahahah.. jenuh la ckp kat dia yg tu la yg sy paling malu of the outcome. Sbb tu kot I didn't take a picture of it heheh.. cepat je sy simpan dlm kotak lepas siap sbb rase segan tgk sy buat tak jadi!

Then the last one kak Ana tunjuk how to do small stars/flowers.. this!

Pastu the last two designs we used choc ganache as the base. The first one was a trip down memory lane for me because it was the choc strawberry cupcake.. suke!!!

Jadi tak sy buat? Hehehe.. tah pa pe Ayu ni heheheh.. beze skit la from the one I got sbb choc dah tak cukup tp sy rase cam chumel jek jugak.

And the last one kak Ana let us use this nozzle yg takde dlm the set we bought. I recognized that nozzle from Mama's basket weaving deco tp mase tu dah dekat kul 7pm so kak Ana pun tak sempat nak tunjuk. Instead, we did a simple design with our names written with a simpler nozzle. Sweet kan? *kaler pink and ijau ni mcm chumel la on the cuppies, no matter what*

Bes kan? We really had fun wpun tangan sy sgt la keras.. camne la nak bg lembut ye?

And we're already planning on taking her fondant class.. aci?

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