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Friday, August 28, 2009

Alhamdulillah.. murah rezeki arini..

Me and Arep had planned to go to the Bandar Baharu Ramadhan Bazaar today to sample this years version of Nasi Ganja (now known as Nasi Anja) but it was raining cats and dogs all throughout the afternoon.

I didn't know HOW we were going to go and my mind was already going through my fridge, trying to remember what quick-fix was available at home for iftar. Around 6pm, I gave up waiting for the rain to stop so I decided to head back home and fix something for iftar. As I came outta the room, kak Win and kak Sue rushed passed me downstairs. I didn't pay much heed to it as I was still worried on what I was going to prepare (I had a class so cannot la eat lame², okay!)

Then at the foyer, I saw Dr Taksiah, Sham and Bani with plastic bags full of food. It hit me that it was our schools turn to sponsor the moreh that day and since I was there, Dr Taksiah gave me a set too.. yeay! Tak yah pikir² dh.. also got another two sets for Arep and Salleh.. rezeki kitorg ☺

When I arrived home, I was opening the gate when I heard someone express the Salam. I turned around to find one of the surau elders smiling while handing me a packet of bubur lambuk.. waaaahhhhh! Campur ngan bubur lambuk from the moreh, kenduri bubur lambuk la sy hehe..
Alhamdulillah.. suke sy! Wpun terase sedikit melampau berbuke puase, tapi hati rase seronok! Syukur!! Harap semua umat Islam all over the world seronok berbuke just like me smlm ☻

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