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Friday, August 14, 2009

Jom turun skolah! ☺

Even after almost two months after the Sg Sedim~Sg Pinang Expedition, we still had some work to do about it. The final phase of this year's programme was the post-program questionnaires as well as the CD and certificates. Thats why this morning, me, Salleh and Arep found ourselves heading towards both schools.

Actually, sgt la rindu kat bebudak ni. Even if they were a bit more cheeky than last years students..

Not much to share pun, just a bit on what made me sooo happy! Hahah..

At To' Kandu, when we wanted to go back, the students said they had something to say..

Pergi hutan cari kayu
Kami jumpa ikan puyu
Kami rindu kat kak Ayu
Ingatan kami ingat selalu!

Sweet okay! Hahah.. terharu sy ☺

Then at SKPJ, the first thing I noticed when we saw the students was ADIB ku yg chumel! Hahaha.. he was shouting 'kak Ayuuuuuuuu' while waving with both his hands.. alahaiiiiiiiii! Of course la kat skolah ni we were 'received' differently haha.. ngan bising nye ape la.. just a bit 'control' la kot diorg since the Headmaster was with us all the time. Tu pun sempat la lagi nak gaduh with Amin, Aiman, Zaqqim, Fattah (yg senyap skit) dan lain².. and dpt la cubit pipi Adib byk kali!

Rindunye la kat korg!! Heheh..

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