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Saturday, August 08, 2009

THIS is why I hate the so-called real teachers!

There are times when I really love my classes.. but there are also times I wish I could drown them one by one hahah.. *evil laugh*

Still, I'm somehow bound to them. No matter how annoyed or mad I am at them, I can only feel that way for a few minutes.. besides, they're just kids (Yup! I'm in denial most of the time, huh? But then again, they ARE my charges.. and in truth, they own a piece of my heart, no matter what!)

This week, I've had a good week with some of them. My form 2 class in Jawi came in form of a great suprise by a positive change in one boy while in my form 4 class, also in Jawi, I had a good laugh when Nazleen, my student, complained that for each and every new topic, I always say, "This is the easiest topic in your form 4 syllabus". Konpius bebudak tu, mane satu yg paling senang sbnrnye hehe..

So today was actually a big change from that!

My nightmare classes are usually my form 2 classes in Jawi and Bagan Serai. These two are my largest classes with around 30 students for each class. They are hard to control, especially when they wanna be noisy secare berjemaah and they are the ones who always make me lose my voice. But those are MY classes, and mine only when it comes to Maths (or more accurately: on Tuesday and Saturday nights!)

Usually on Saturday nights, it would only be my class and Cikgu Rohaizat's class in Bagan Serai. We had the whole tuition centre to ourselves and we rather liked it that way. But these pass few weeks have made us a bit uncomfy when a lot of teachers have been doing extra classes for the UPSR students. Still, its their tuition centre too, right!

I noticed when I arrived that Teacher Harjit was giving out an extra class tonight and didn't mind it much since Teacher Harjit is one of those teachers that students and other teachers like. Then I noticed the class beside mine was also occupied and I just assumed it was Cikgu Shukor..

..but I was wrong!

Classes start at 8.15pm during weekend but behold, at around 8.30pm, the biggest ego on earth came sauntering through my class towards the next room. My osmanphobic senses were giving out alarming sirens and my oversensitive nose smelled trouble brewing.

Okay, maybe I'm exagerrating.. a tiny bit.. or maybe not!

Not even three minute later, I saw him rushing outta his class and once again, I felt my heart drop down to my knees.. ape plak lagi ni?

Then suddenly Ina came into my class, scolding the boys in my class saying, "Korg ni bising sgt. tau tak budak² kelas sebelah tu tension smpi tak boleh nak belajaq?"

I was like, "What the..?"

First and formost: Tension smpi tak bleh blajaq?!? Apa psycho and emotionally disturbed ka budak² tu?


Maybe ade mase diorg bising, I know.. but tadi they were actually LISTENING TO ME TEACH IN FRONT!

I knew it! I just knew it!! HE always brings trouble along with him whenever he see's me!

And sblm ni sy selalu maintain good relationship with the staff, but for the first time ever, I raised my voice, defending my students, telling Ina, "Diorg tak bising langsung!!"

Ina was suprised hahah.. it was evident in the look on her face that she couldn't believe I was that firm. She repeated herself, this time to myself, telling me that the AH had complained that my class was sooooooooo noisy that his students trus tension tak bley belajaq so dia request nak tukar kelas! And once again, what the hell!

Dia baru masuk 3 MINIT (dah la mai lambat.. cikgu bangang!) and berani complain MY class bising when HIS STUDENTS dok lari² kuaq masuk my class! So once again, I said to Ina, raising my voice a bit higher, "Kelas ni TAK BISING langsung!"

"Sound trouble apa AH tu.. telinge terlebey sensitip!", kate sy dlm hati. Dasar AH!

Then suddenly he was beside me and came in my class up to Rashdev (who was asking me a question.. and who btw is teacher Harjit's son) and pointed in his face, causing the boy to be confused on why asking me how to find the radius from a given arc was wrong?

The the big ego yang sepadan with his fat a** went stamping into his own class, calling to his students to go change to the upstairs class.

When Ina stammered to him that I had denied my class was noisy, he didn't even look at my fuming face and just said,"Kelas ni bukan sy tak kenai. Kuang ajaq.. semua kuang ajaq! Tu kuang ajaq, ni kuang ajaq (while pointing to my students)! Sy tak tahan la, habis budak sy nanti klau duk dekat ngan depa ni"


How dare he!!!

And he ignored me when I defended my class as if I was this piece of worthless s***!

I was so mad, I kept looking at him, daring him to say THAT in MY face but he just ignored me! Pengecut ka apa, I dunno.. but for whatever its worths, he's an AH!

I was still berasap when I resumed my class. It was only then when I realized the hurt look on my students' faces and my heart broke seeing them like that. Never once did they answer back as he accused them on being rude brats.

For once, even Izzat, the noisiest but cleverest boy, was quiet.. and I really didn't know what to say. I was as suprised as they were on AH's rudeness!

When I finally found my voice, I could only manage saying weakly while looking at them, "Korg tak bising pun.."

The Izzat piped up, "Cikgu, kami tak bising pun.. kenapa dia kata kami kuang ajaq.. kami tak buat apa pun?"

I didn't know what to say. It was the first time I saw my 'overactive' student look so broken.

How could I tell them, its not them. He hates me. ME!

But he always does this to my students.. and never fails to break them each and every single time. Thats why I call him my diesease. Osmanphobia!

I just don't understand, why does he hate me so much? What the hell did I do that he just decided to make me his sworn enemy outta the blue? For God's sake, sakit otakkah anda?!?!!

I know I'm not the only one who avoids him but I'm the only one he bullies this way.. by hurting my students! This is not the first time.. and I doubt it'd be the last time. I've managed to avoid him for nearly two years now, after the last incident when he barged into my class slapping two Indian boys who DID NOTHING! A few weeks before, he had pinched an Indian girl until she cried and she had complained to my 'boss'. It was then that my 'boss' knew, I HATED that teacher and that he was always picking on my students so after that, my classes were always scheduled so that it didn't coincide with AH's classes.

But I still don't understand, WHY? Why pick on MY students? Why does he hate me so much? Why take the trouble telling everyone what a lousy teacher I am, trying to humiliate me or something, when I know for a fact, he's not such a great teacher either. Apparantly, students seldom pick his class and one day he had accused the staff of backstabbing him until student hated him. Duh!

And guess what, I dunno what kind of black magic he used but after that, our 'boss' told the staff to tell new students that other classes were full and they had to take AH's class no matter what! What the hell! Nampak sgt la budak² tak mau kat dia and still nak pakse gak diorg amik kelas dia?!?! Tak paham betoi laaa.. Tak sedaq² plak tu..

*This was actually told to me by an administrative staff when they realized I was the new target (sblm ni, THEY were the targets) of AH's bullying*

Paling kesian when his son (who took my class) was so red faced when he saw his father slapping those students and humiliating me. The boy usually sat in front of me and was always cheerful but after that, he sat at the far end of the class and avoided looking directly at me. He even resorted to asking his friends anything he didn't understand instead of his usual self of jumping up and down wanting my attention..

And you wanna know the reason he pinched that girl while shaking her head? Because that girl saw him coming and stepped aside to let him pass. Ya Allah, that girl was just trying to be polite and he suddenly snapped saying, "Kamu mengata saya!!!" Looo.. hang terasa pasaipa (Ye Baizurah, I KNOW how to use 'hang' effectively :p) Besaq sgt ka hang tu yang nak terasa sgt?!?!

Giler bodoh ah dia tu.. stupid idiot!

Another time during my class in Jawi. These girls asked to go to the toilet so I just let them go since they had finished their work. Mind you, diorg tak lalu pun kelas AH ni!! His class was a small class yg terceruk jauh dari toilet. But guess what he did when he opened his door and saw my students giggling while walking back from the toilet (really slow giggles, bkn cam hantu style or gedik style.. and you know la girls kaaaaaann.. always giggling and whispering around!)

"Gatai! Gedik! Gaghik tatau nak cakap..!"

Mase ni I was suprised with the sudden outburst.. budak² tu tak kacau dia pun and they weren't even noisy! Then..

"Besaq nanti tengok la.. jadi j*la*g!"


One girl burst into tears while I went dumb with shock!

When I overcame my shock, I went to console the girl and she kept asking me, "Ape salah sy, kak Ayu?" while trying to dry her tears.

I didn't know how to tell her that I'm just as clueless as her :(

Seriously, ape masalah dia, I pun tatau. Nape he hates me so much, I jugak tatau. And why does he pick on my students pun is totally out of my brain punye analyzing capacity!

But I'm soooo mad! Ntah ape dia fikir bile dia buat camtu kan?

Understand now why I HATE HIM?

Gosh! Sib baik la voodoo dolls tu syirik! Klau tak..

I'd make a good one of him and stick pins all over his body. Hmm, too normal! What else huh? I'd roast him over a bonfire AFTER I've rendam him in blended cili padi. Then, I'd shove a thick lidi up his a**.. no! Make that three! Sule cukup² biar sampai ujung tu kuar kot mulut dia ke..

Na'udzubillah! Insaf Ayu.. insaf!

Better stop now before I cross the line, huh!

Oh c'mon.. don't even pretend you dunno what AH means! ☻

And nope Un, I DON'T hate you! ☺


Just for the record. Ina, seeing how defensive I was when she knew I myself sometimes get exasperated by my class, asked teacher Harjit and cikgu Rohaizat if it was true that my class was nosiy and both of them denied it. Hah! See! Told you AH is a jerk!


nadyasupra said...

hahahaha .

okay this time i get it .

saje je nak carik pasal dengan cikgu rupanya ..

saye suggest satu je . tapi susah sikit la nak buat .
tapi cousin saye yang ajar nih ..
bila org datang fuming kat kita tak tentu arah , cikgu tarik nafas dalam2, then pandang muka dia, pastu gelak sindir, (make sure cikgu betul2 rileks so that muka cikgu takdela merah sangat . bukan saye taktau cikgu tu kalau marah :p) pastu cikgu tanya dengan nada yang tenang dan rasa bagus terhadap diri sendiri (memerlukan keberanian sikit) " cikgu nih kenapa ye ? selalu nak target student saya tak tentu pasal . kalau cikgu ada masalah dengan saya , apa kata kita settle je depan ncik arun ? cikgu selesa, student saya laaagi selesa . amacam?"

hihi . mesti dier terkejut punyalah dengan ke'cool'an cikgu sebab typical sgt lah kalau dier expect cikgu akan marah dier balik kalau dier asyik dok cari pasal dgn cikgu c:

peace cikgu . hihi .

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ohhh.. sgt la teringin nak cool gitu.. tp aritu pun mase dia buat perangai kat kelas sy tu, sy rase muke sy merah tahan marah n tgn seruis dok menggigil.. sy tau sgt klau sy bukak mulut nnt mesti suare terketar tahan marah which he could mistake for takut kat dia.

Actually pas dia tampar student India sy tu dulu, (sbnrnye ade gak sy bebel pasal ni kat wall sy hahahaha..) sy complain kat Cikgu Arun dah tu yg last year sy tak dpt kelas dkt ngan dia tu.. tp tatau la tahun ni nape dpt plak dkt ngan mangkuk ni lagi.. nyampah giler sy! Nak je sy ajo student sy tepuk tgn kat dia klau dia buat lagi.. kot la dia paham sarcasm. Tp takut plak sy kene chop kurang ajo (mmg pun kaann haha..)