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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Guess what made me smile lebar today?

Today I had my usual class in Jawi. Had a blast from the past jap when someone called me during class. It was makcik..


Actually, agak la jugak rase bersalah with her coz I haven't returned her last calls and jugak sendiri pun dah lame tak call her. Not that I don't like her tau! I love her! But its just that now it feels like I wanna avoid things that remind me of IM. I'm over him, seriously! But with my current 'serabutness', I don't really wanna think about him even a bit or I'm gonna blame him on my 'serabutness' too haha..

Yeah.. I know! Get over it, dah nak masuk tahun ke7 dah ni!! Haha..

Mintak maaf sgt makcik.. Sy tau sy janji nak call makcik tp dah lame sgt tak call. Pastu bile makcik call, sy asyik bz je. Sy rase mcm jahat sgt. Tp skrg sy takut klau nnt sy teringat balik. Bkn salah makcik, sy ni je kepala tak berape betul ni.. sy mintak maaf sgt makcik *kalau la senang nak ckp camni depan dia*

Anyway, that aside..

I had ordered some choc cupcakes for them from kak Wan tp sgt la terlambat bg kan. Had planned to give them before their trial but kept postponing sampai la diorg dah abis pun trial.. cian korg kan!

Anyway, nice huh?

Then, while getting ready for my class, got a text from Hasz asking me if I was home this afternoon. Told her tak bley janji since I had class sampai malam kan but when she insisted on knowing when I ws free, I ask la kenape.

Turned out she had made some spaghetti and wanted to send to me.. yeay! Tak yah carik dinner tonight.

Didn’t take any pictures though since I was VERY hungry! Had planned to eat only half and the other half after class but too lapar laaaa.. only when I cleaned up my plate did I think of taking a picture of it haha.. dah selamat dlm perut Ayu!

Then during the night class, was busy texting Izati and Irfan on perbincangan name adik baru ku itu. I’m trying to NOT let Abah and Umi take the name ‘Imran’ since I already chup that name for MY son (very gatal kan!) so was getting suggestions from them. Then my form 2 class itu sgt la kepoh and diorg pun sibuk gak bg name hehe.. yang mane had names starting with ‘I’ pun promote la name diorg kannn haha..

Pastu when my phone berbunyi, was expecting text from Izati or Irfan with yet another suggestion but turned out it was from Shahril. He asked me if I had a class (which dia tau mmg ade!) and sy dah tersenyum coz this usually was a cue to I-have-something-for-you yang klau from Shahril, bermaksud makanan hehehehehehe..

Tau ape sy dapat?

Jeng.. jeng..

Yeay! Menjerit sy ngan seronoknye sampai someone in the house tu pandang keluar hahah.. malu okay! He didn’t tell me what it was and I was expecting some kuih or something sbb dia ngan mak dia cam rajin wat bende manis. But I was curious so I checked the container in front of him after he handed the plastic bag to me.. dan sungguh la rase cam bbudak when I saw what it was. Melompat² like Annisa bile tak sabo nak bukak present birthday dia hahah..

Trus je nak balik rumah and eat it la kan dan tak malu je halau dia masuk umah balik so I can rush home for my dah-lame-kempunan roti kirai and kari daging.. and mak dia buh ubi jugak!! Yeay!!! Sgt suke!!

Murah kan rezeki sy arini! ☺

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