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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pengisian blog yg berabuk ☺

Okay².. as if the update is much awaited la kan hehe.. tp diri sendiri bukak blog mcm tak bes je takde entry baru. So pk punye pk, ape la nak masuk dlm blog nih?

Actually, if this was a private diary, byk bende I wanna talk about. But since this is kinda open to anyone who knows my URL, can't really write down all that stuff kan.. *sigh*


Ahad aritu did some spring cleaning of the fridge (Yup, my blog is not the only thing I own that needs some airing hahah..). Found a-week-old cut of salmon I bought at half price in Jusco (dah half price to confirm la yg semalam dia potong kan so actually should've done something with it sooner) and a week old green pepper (or capsicum if you must). Tatau nak wat ape but then thought of the old boring thing to do.. TOMYAM! Hehe..

So headed off to the market (Funny how I can NOT sleep after Subuh whenever my heart sets itself for a trip to the market hehe..) to but some baby corn and tomatoes and mushroom and the result.. tadaaaa..

Okay, I am SO NOT showing off my non-existant cooking skills ye (Read some where about someone being sick of people who show off their cooking.. nape la dia rase camtu ye?) In fact, this is something I would not even make for my worst enemy haha.. and its made by the ADABI paste okay :p

Sorry thing is, sampai malam ni (its Tuesday) still tak abis lagi hahah..


Then petang tu Arep and Rashid hinted about their cempedak and my promise to goreng for them hahah.. So I did as I promised, though I sure have to polish up my skills in doing these kinda fritters sbb everytime I make them, sure berminyak giler no matter how I drain them *double sigh*

Then when Arep came to take the dish, I was awarded with a suprise yg sgt cute hehe..

Chumel kan? Lembu salt and pepper shakers.. that I WON'T use la kannnn..

TQ Arep!!! :)

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